UTM Students Not Previously Registered With Accessibility Services

An intake meeting will be scheduled with a professional staff member who has expertise in specific areas of disabilities. Please bring documentation (from an appropriate medical professional/ specialist) that identifies your disability and the accommodations you will require to the meeting. The office's Medical Certificate is available to print in the online forms section of this website.

IMPORTANT: Once you are registered and your accommodations are approved:

During the first week of classes please log in to the Accessibility Information Management for Students (AIMS). Here you will:

  • register your tests and exams that you need to write with Accessibility Services with academic accommodations
  • confirm your upcoming tests and exams
  • register for note-taking services and download your notes on AIMS

If you require assistance in logging into and using AIMS, please contact the office immediately at access.utm@utoronto.ca or 905-569-4699.

Students will meet with their Accessibility Advisor annually to receive update on new initiatives and procedures and review the student’s academic accommodations.