International Students

International Students

The University of Toronto Mississauga is a culturally diverse campus at the heart of a culturally diverse community. Welcoming students from around the world with a student population representing more than 130 different countries, our educational environment is truly global.

Minimum Requirements for Consideration

The University of Toronto manages a comprehensive list of the minimum international school requirements on the University of Toronto Future Students website.

International Admission Requirements ↗

Beyond the curriculum-specific requirements available at the link above, you will also need to meet program-specific requirements. Generally speaking, all programs will require:

  • Secondary school diploma
  • Completion of senior-grade/Grade 12 English (or equivalent) with a minimum grade of 70%
  • Minimum overall average (of your most recent studies) of at least 75%
  • Proof of adequate English facility, if necessary. For more details, visit the English Language Facility section of the site.

Program Admission Requirements

A Few Notes:

  • If a senior-grade/Grade 12 mark is not available, we will use a corresponding junior/Grade 11 course's mark.
  • If you are attending an international school that offers multiple curricula, please ask your school to specify the type of program in which you are enrolled and ensure that appropriate documents are submitted. 
  • Every program recommends competitive averages; meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee you admission to the University.
  • Admission is subject to space availability and competition.
  • We reserve the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course.