High School & Secondary Curriculum


If you are admitted from one of the secondary school curricula listed below, you may be eligible to receive transfer credits for courses and exams taken through your secondary school as long as you meet the minimum required score, and the courses and exams have been completed prior to your enrolment at the University of Toronto.

A transfer credit application is not required – eligible credits will be assessed and awarded automatically in the summer once final, official results are received.

High school and secondary curriculum transfer credits are limited to a maximum of 3.0 FCE. Any additional equivalencies beyond this limit will be added to your record as extra (EXT) and will not count towards your degree totals or program requirements.

If you are admitted directly from high school, but are taking French language courses through the Explore Program at a university in the summer before you start at U of T Mississauga, you may be eligible to receive transfer credits. You must notify us at transfer.utm@utoronto.ca as soon as you have been accepted into the Explore Program so that we may update your application accordingly.

Official results must be submitted to the Office of University Admissions & Outreach as a part of your admission requirements.

Office of University Admissions & Outreach
University of Toronto
172 St George St
Toronto, ON M5R 0A3

Once final, official results have been received and reviewed by the Office of University Admissions & Outreach, eligible transfer credits will be processed and loaded to your student record (typically between August and October). Once added, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your @mail.utoronto.ca account.

Further details, such as minimum grade requirements, equivalencies, and how and when to submit final, official results can be found under the respective equivalency charts below.

Secondary Curriculum Equivalency Charts*

Transfer credit awarded for the above curricula can be unspecified (BIO1**H) or generic (SCI1**H). Some unspecified courses can be used to satisfy program and prerequisite requirements (as indicated on the equivalency charts linked above). Regardless of the credit received, all eligible transfer credits count towards the total number of credits required for your degree (20.0 FCE), as well as distribution requirements.

Awarded transfer credits are listed on your University of Toronto academic record and transcript. Grades achieved are not shown or recorded, and are not included in your Grade Point Average.

* Please note that the rules, regulations, and equivalencies in the linked pages above apply to students admitted to the 2023-24 academic year and are subject to change.

Marking Secondary School Transfer Credits as Extra

Since the course work that generates these transfer credits has been done as a compulsory part of a secondary school curriculum, if you are attending university for the first time, you can choose to mark these transfer credits as extra.

If you are transferring from another division at the University of Toronto or another post-secondary institution, you are not eligible to mark secondary school transfer credits as extra.

To learn more about marking your secondary school transfer credits as extra, please visit our Request to Mark Secondary School Transfer Credit as Extra page.