UTMBP Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition & Other Costs

Number of Courses

Cost (2022/2023)

One course (0.5 credit)

~ $1,100

Two courses (1.0 credit)*

~ $2,200

Three courses (1.5 credits)

~ $2,800

A Few Notes

  • These amounts include both the tuition cost for the course(s) and the non-academic incidental fees, which include all the resources and services available to U of T students. For general questions around non-academic incidental fees, click here. 
  • Students should also budget approximately $150 for books and supplies for each course.
  • Consideration towards additional costs related to transportation and childcare needs should also be taken.
  • UTM Bridging Pathway students will receive an itemized fees invoice and payment instructions once enrolled in courses (July).

*To successfully complete the UTM Bridging Pathway, students are required to take a minimum of one course in the Fall term and one course in the Winter term, resulting in 2 courses (1.0 credits). 

Financial Aid

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) 

OSAP offers a mix of grants and loans to Ontario residents to help pay for post-secondary education. Factors including course load, academic progress, family contributions, and residency will determine eligibility. The application for Part-time OSAP will be available in the late Summer. 

Students who have defaulted on previous student loans are not eligible for either Meltz or OSAP and are encouraged to remove themselves from the funding restriction list before applying to the Bridging Pathway. 

Noah Meltz Special Bursary Program 

The Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance helps undergraduate students pursue their University of Toronto studies on a part-time basis. In addition to applying for the Noah Meltz Program, students studying on a part-time basis should also apply for OSAP for Part-Time Students funding. The Meltz application will be considered after OSAP results are available. The Financial Aid Office will review the two assessments to determine which program would provide the best source of funding (e.g., which program provides more total funding or which program provides more non-repayable grant). Students may also be eligible for a top-up Meltz grant in addition to Part-Time OSAP funding.

UTM Bridging Pathway (UTMBP) Awards

Fall funding will be provided to UTMBP students who demonstrate financial need. It is expected that students exhaust all financial resources (including government student loans) prior to submitting a Request for Financial Assistance form. Needs-based grants and bursaries do not need to be repaid. The deadline to submit this form is September 30 of each year. 

Winter funding is automatically considered based on academic achievement. Students who successfully complete the Fall term in the UTM Bridging Pathway, and enrol in a Winter term course (or two), will automatically be granted an award. 

Final Grade in Fall Course

Award Amount







Awards will be applied to outstanding University of Toronto fees in late-January. If all fees have been paid in full to the student prior to this, the student will receive the award amount as credit. Awards above were determined for the 2022/2023 year and are subject to change.