Students walking around campus

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate students gain a strong foundation in arts, science, and business - with all the depth, and breadth, and rigour that a modern comprehensive campus offers, steeped in the rich scholarly tradition of one of the world's best research universities. They are divided into our 12 Admissions Categories below; alternatively, you can also review the entire A-Z list.

Certificate Programs

Our new certificate programs, completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree, will enrich your understanding of the concepts you learn in class, and help strengthen your skills for today’s economy. Our certificate programs, some of which include paid work placements, will prepare you for graduate programs and provide you with skills for future careers.

Professional & Graduate

Conducting innovative research that fosters excellence, the University of Toronto Mississauga incubates ideas and talents fit for a borderless world. Curiousity is the seed that sparks growth and knowledge and ours is spurring intellectual and creative pursuits that impact a larger world.

Combined Degree Programs

We offer a number of combined degree programs that allow you to be registered in two degrees (one undergraduate and one graduate) at the same time. In this way, you can complete the requirements for both degrees in a manner that provides benefits that would not be available to students registering in each degree program independentally.

Continuing Studies

The School of Continuing Studies meets the needs of adult learners with expertly designed non-degree courses delivered, in class and online, by instructors who are recognized leaders in their fields. Through the School, the University of Toronto extends its impact deeper into the communities we serve and further along the continuum of lifelong learning.