Admitted Students

Congratulations on your offer of admission and welcome to U of T Mississauga! We are very excited to provide you with an opportunity to join our inspirational and supportive community! You will have received an email from U of T Mississauga detailing your next steps.

Your offer of admission will also list any and all conditions required to keep your offer. Once we receive your final official results, you will be notified that any conditions placed on your offer have been met. That's when you can do your happy dance!

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Get Started



Accept your offer on the OUAC website

Your offer will include a specific deadline to accept your offer on OUAC, don't miss it!

International students are also required to pay a $1,000 CAD Admissions Deposit when accepting their offer. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the first term tuition. Visit the JOIN U of T website for information and instructions.


Apply for transfer credit (transfer credit students only)

If you qualify as a transfer student with eligible transfer credit, your offer of admission will explicitly instruct you to submit a Transfer Credit Application and pay the $30 processing fee. This should be submitted as soon as you receive an offer of admission to U of T Mississauga. See below for details.


Applying for a study permit (international students only)

We understand that you might have concerns regarding the recent announcement by the Government of Canada regarding a cap on study permits for new international students in 2024. Our teams are actively working with all levels of government to clarify the situation and ensure continued support for our applicants and current students. For detailed information and regular updates, please visit the link below: 

FAQs for Study Permits

We appreciate your patience and are here to assist you throughout this process.


Transfer Explorer

If you are applying from a Canadian university, you can use Transfer Explorer to see whether the University of Toronto has previously awarded transfer credit for courses you have taken, are taking, or plan to take. If one or more of your courses does not appear on Transfer Explorer, it likely hasn’t been assessed previously and the relevant materials (course outlines/syllabi) would need to be reviewed to determine if transfer credit can be granted. Transfer Explorer course equivalencies do not represent a guarantee that students will receive transfer credit. 

Report card

Transfer Credit Assessment

We have put together several resources for students to understand their transfer credit assessment:

Transfer Credit Information Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

You may also wish to speak with an Academic Advisor if you require assistance with selecting your courses after receiving your transfer credit assessment.

Reading a book

Upper-year studies

If you have been admitted to upper-year studies, this means that based on the number of courses you have completed or have in progress at the time of your admission, we believe that it is likely that you will receive 4.0 or more transfer credits, making you an upper year standing student. Your exact year of study will only be determined once your mandatory transfer credit assessment is complete. Note that you may still be required to take first year and/or prerequisite courses at U of T Mississauga for your program of interest.


Applying for transfer credits

We recommend that you pay the $30 fee and submit your transfer credit application as soon as you receive an offer of admission.

Your eligible courses will be assessed for equivalency, and your year of standing will be determined based on the number of transfer credits awarded. Depending on the result of your transfer credit assessment, you then may be eligible to apply to a specific program of study. For more details on important transfer credit policies and procedures, please visit

Ontario CAAT and CEGEP: Applicants to Commerce and Management are limited to a maximum of 3.5 generic transfer credits.

CEGEP: Business, Commerce/Management, and Economics courses completed outside of institutions recognized by Universities Canada are not eligible for transfer credit.

University: Business, Commerce, or Management courses are only eligible for transfer credit consideration if they were completed at a Universities Canada member institution.

Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology

Years of Study

Maximum Transfer Credits

1 year (certificate)


2 years (diploma)


3 years (advanced diploma)

5.0 (4.0 at the 100 level and 1.0 at the 200 level)

4 years (applied degree)

5.0 (4.0 at the 100 level and 1.0 at the 200 level)


Years of Study

Maximum Transfer Credits

Not completed degree


Completed (or will complete) degree

5.0 (4.0 at the 100 level and 1.0 at the 200 level)


Years of Study

Maximum Transfer Credits

Completed fewer than 14 academic credits

No Transfer Credit

Completed 14 to 21 academic credits


Completed 22 or more academic credits

5.0 (4.0 at the 100 level and 1.0 at the 200 level)

Get Ready



Apply for residence

If you are planning to live on campus and want to qualify for guaranteed residence, you must complete Step One of the StarRez Application by March 31, 2024.

Tour Guide

Take a campus tour

Whether in person or from the comforts of home, take a guided campus tour.


Attend events

Explore your new campus, get your questions answered, chat with staff and students, and learn more about your next steps.


Learn about course enrolment

When, how, and where do you enrol in your first university courses? Learn all about it by watching on-demand videos, attending webinars, and getting support from Student Peer Leaders and Academic Advisors.

Get Excited



Join the EagleConnect community

Starting in June, all new UTM students who have accepted their offer of admission will be enrolled into an online summer community, your very own Eagle Squad! Receive weekly updates, resources, and participate in community activities to prepare you for September classes and connect you to your future classmates. You will also have an upper-year student Squad Leader to answer your questions. EagleConnect takes place on Quercus.


Visit the New Students Website

Once you have accepted your offer, explore the New Students website where you will find a comprehensive guide for a successful transition and start to your university experience.

Foam Finger

Attend orientation events

Make a successful academic, social, and personal transition to your university experience with our orientation and transition programs. Review checklists, learn about deadlines, and discover UTM’s supports and resources for new students. 

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