Course Enrolment

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When to Enrol in Courses

Year of Study
(Based on credits earned,
including transfer credits)
Check Your Start Time on ACORN Course Enrolment Begins on ACORN
Year 1
(0 - 3.5 credits)
July 15 July 21
Year 2
(4.0 - 8.5 credits)
June 8 July 14
Year 3
(9.0 - 13.5 credits)
June 23 June 29

How to Enrol 

  1. The Fall-Winter Registration Guide is your companion for the upcoming academic year. It will guide you through enrolment, registration, fees, financial aid, graduation, exams and more!
  2. Course Enrolment 101 Handout: If this is your first year at UTM, this two-page handout will guide you through the very basics of enrolling into courses such as how to read a course code; a list of resources that will help you choose what to take; understanding waitlists, and tips to help you plan for your first year.
  3. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Choose How You Learn: Course Delivery Options

Click here to watch the Course Delivery Options video

In addition to choosing your courses, you can also decide how you want to learn. We offer four course delivery options for you to choose from: 

Delivery mode

What you can expect 



  • Weekly classes with scheduled attendance at a specific location and time for some or all course activities
  • Class sizes will be at a reduced capacity to practice safe physical distancing
  • This delivery option is subject to adjustments imposed by public health requirements for physical distancing

In-person & online rotation (LEC8) 

  • Classes will rotate between attendance in-person and online delivery. 
  • Class sizes will be at a reduced capacity to practice safe physical distancing

Online synchronous  (LEC9) 

  • Online attendance is expected at a specific time for some or all course activities

Online asynchronous

  • Lectures can be viewed 'on demand' and students can go through course material at their own pace
  • All students are still required to meet deadlines for course work as noted in their course syllabus 

Regardless of the delivery option that you choose, it's important to read the course syllabus for each of your classes! Your professor will outline everything you need to know about when classes take place, how to get in touch with them, academic expectations and more.

Workshops, Webinars, and Online Chats

Registration will open in late Spring 2021

We have special events that have been designed just for you! Our Academic Advisors, Financial Aid Advisors and current students are here to help through a variety of programming to help you choose your first-year courses.

Welcome to U of T Prize Packs

Attend a session online and you'll automatically be entered to win one of five $100 prize packs to welcome you to the U of T family: sweaters, water bottles and other great must-haves! 


Enrolment Supports

Course Selection Walkthrough Webinars

Join us online to learn everything you need to know about your U of T degree as we guide you through the steps for course enrolment with a live demonstration of resourceful websites. You can also ask questions live! (Duration: 1.5 hours)

First-Year Students - Coming Spring 2021!

Transfer Students - Coming Spring 2021!


Course Selection Check-In Sessions

After you've added your courses (or most of them!), you may have additional or different kinds of questions. Register for a check-in session, where we will help you finalize your timetable. Spaces are limited. (Duration: 1 hour)

  • Coming soon!


Online Chat with the Office of the Registrar

Designed for students who understand the basics of course enrolment and program planning, these online chats are offered as additional opportunities to ask questions directly of our Academic Advisors.(Duration: 1.5 hours)

  • Coming soon!

Financial Aid Events

Hosted by our Financial Aid staff, we'll discuss money matters including budgeting, scholarships and financial aid. We'll also highlight payment options and deadlines. (Duration: 1 hour)

  • Coming soon!

First Year Academic Transition Support

Navigating new experiences can be a challenge, especially when you're attending university - there are so many unknowns and so much to learn. Let LAUNCH and utmONE be your guide!

Close up wide shot of 3 students facing each other and smiling.


Through interactive weekly sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn from an academically successful upper-year student mentor about the many aspects of being a UTM student. You will build academic skills, discover UTM resources, and even have the opportunity to meet with your mentor one-on-one, all while building meaningful friendship with students in your area of study. Successful completers will receive a notation on your Co-Curricular Record.

Visit the LAUNCH web page for more information and enrol in your LAUNCH stream through ACORN on your enrolment date.

2 students closely working, with another student focusing in the back.

utmONE First-Year Transition Courses

Build a strong academic foundation that will support your success in first-year through to graduation. Taught by professors with a strong background in teaching learning strategies and academic skills, utmONE courses are for-credit first-year courses designed to help you transition to university. UtmONE courses offer a supportive and engaging learning environment; sections are smaller than typical first-year courses so you’ll have more opportunity to interact with your fellow classmates, teaching assistant and professor. UtmONE courses are open to students in all disciplines.

Visit the utmONE web page for more information and enrol in a utmONE course through ACORN on your enrolment date.


First-Year Foundational Courses

Students sitting in a circle with a professor.

ISP100 Writing for University and Beyond

This is a for-credit course that teaches writing- and reading-related skills that are necessary for success in the transition to university work. ISP100 is delivered from the perspective that all writers can improve their writing, so that all students will benefit by taking it. Visit the ISP100 Writing for University and Beyond web page for more information about the course and how to enroll. ISP100 is a required course for students who plan to major in Visual Studies, Anthropology (excluding Forensic Science), Physics or Earth Science.

Group of people sitting in a circle in a hall.

ISP130 Numeracy for University and Beyond

This is a for-credit course that teaches the quantitative literacy and numeracy skills that are necessary to develop the core areas you’ll need to be successful at university. ISP130 is delivered from the perspective that all students can improve their skills, and students from all skill levels will benefit from taking it. Visit the ISP130 Numeracy for University and Beyond web page for more information about the course and how to enroll. 

Next Steps: After You Enrol in Courses

Becoming a registered student means you have enrolled in courses AND paid the minimum tuition amount of your fees (or officially deferred them). Your fees will be posted to your invoice on ACORN in mid-July.

To avoid being removed from your enrolled courses, make the Minimum Payment to Register as indicated on your financial account in ACORN – or defer your fees (if applicable) – by the published deadlines. More information about fee payment and fee deferrals on the Fees & Financial Aid page.

Get Help 

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