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Campus Health Care 

UTM is committed to helping you achieve physical, emotional and mental well-being throughout your university education. Numerous services are offered at the Health & Counselling Centre (HCC), including:

  • Medical care – Appointments with student-friendly physicians or nurses to discuss any health and wellness-related topic including treatment of injuries, allergies, chronic illnesses, birth control, immunizations and more.
  • Mental health care – The HCC utilizes a stepped care approach to mental health and students are centrally involved in developing their personalized wellness plans and are able to direct their own care, with guidance as needed from HCC staff. Available mental health supports include self-directed or peer-to-peer health education opportunities to more tailored, one-on-one appointments with health care professionals such as personal counsellors and physicians. Navigation services are available to support students in selecting the most appropriate option for your mental health.  
  • Nutritional counselling – A registered dietitian can offer professional advice on a variety of topics, including personalized eating plans, healthy body weight, food intolerance diets, and special diets for health conditions.
  • Health promotion –Wellness at UTM, a campus-wide health promotion initiative, aims to provide students with information, tools, and resources to empower them to make healthy choices in support of their personal and academic goals; and supports the development of healthy systems and structures that encourage and foster student health and well-being on campus.

These health services are available to all currently registered students with health coverage (i.e., OHIP/provincial insurance, UHIP) at no additional cost. For more information, visit  

Health and Dental Plan


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Full-time undergraduate UTM students are automatically covered by the UTMSU Health and Dental Plan. This extended health and dental coverage supplements provincial health care and other basic health-care programs. Extended health, dental, vision, travel and accidental death and dismemberment benefits are included in the plan. Policies typically run from September to August for students enrolled in the fall and winter sessions. To learn more about the plan, please visit the Your Coverage page. 

Your Health and Dental Plan benefits can be used anywhere in the world. To access your benefits, you can submit a claim after accessing health services online or via the mobile app, or you can ask your healthcare professional to submit the claims directly to Greenshield. For more on claims, visit the UTMSU Health and Dental Claims page.


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Opt Out

Students with alternative coverage can opt out of the Health Plan and/or the Dental plan to receive a refund of the year's fees. Provincial health insurance plans (i.e. OHIP) or University health insurance plans (UHIP) are not considered alternative. To request an opt-out, complete an application online and submit proof of equivalent coverage during the Change-of-Coverage period.

For more on opting out, visit the UTMSU Health and Dental Opt Out page.

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International Student Coverage: University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) and the UTM Students' Union's (UTMSU) Health & Dental Plan

In Canada, health care can be very expensive. The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan for most international students to ensure you have basic health care coverage while studying in Ontario. Check the full details of UHIP’s primary coverage. Students are automatically enrolled and charges are listed on your ACORN invoice. In addition, all students also have supplementary coverage under the UTMSU Health and Dental Plan. We also recommend that you bring a copy of your medical records to Canada in case you need them.

When you arrive in Canada, you must:

  1. Register online and print your UHIP card. If you face technical issues, you can alternatively process your card at the International Education Centre office (DV2091A).
  2. Get to know where there are preferred providers in case you need medical attention
  3. Carry your health insurance cards with you at all times.

Accessibility Registration

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services provides supports and accommodations to students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical conditions. Students who have temporary disabilities are also eligible to receive services.

Test/exam accommodations and notetaking services are requested through your online AIMS (Accessibility Information Management System) account. To access AIMS and receive accommodations, you must meet with your Accessibility Advisor and register.

How to Register

When you accept your offer to attend UTM, please follow the steps below to begin the registration process.

Step 1

Step 2 

Go to AIMS and select the New Student Online Intake icon. 

Step 3 

Click on Register and login in with UTORID.

Step 4 

Complete the information form (Emergency Contact, OSAP, etc.).

Step 5 

Upload scanned documentation to the bottom of the form.

Step 6 

Await email confirmation of online submission. Accessibility Staff will correspond once submission has been reviewed.

IMPORTANT: During the first week of classes please log in to the online AIMS system (Accessibility Information Management for Students). Here you will:  

  • Register your tests and exams that you need to write with Accessibility Services with academic accommodations. 

  • Confirm your test and exams with Accessibility Services. 

  • View your upcoming advising appointments. 

  • Register for note-taking services and download your notes from the Accessibility Services website. 

If you require assistance with logging into and using AIMS, please contact the Accessibility Services immediately at or 905-569-4699. 


Transition Support

For new UTM students with disabilities, comprehensive support is available through the following opportunities:

Recreation and Athletics 

We, at the Department of Recreation, Athletics, and Wellness Centre, encourage everyone to move their way to wellness through a variety of sports, fitness, and wellness program designed for all fitness and skill levels. All registered full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students can access the Recreation, Athletics, & Wellness Centre (RAWC).

The facility is equipped with an eight-lane, 25-metre swimming pool, two gymnasiums, squash courts, running track and modern fitness and strength training facilities. 

Grab your workout gear, bring your T-Card, and get moving! Learn more about our program schedules and offerings at

Get Help

Health & Counselling Centre – Ask us about health and wellness questions or to book medical, counselling or dietitian appointments
Room 1123A, Davis Building
905-828-5255 @utmhccwellness

Accessibility Services- Ask us about receiving services and academic accommodations for documented disabilities or conditions 
Room 2037, Davis Building 

Recreation, Athletics & Wellness – Ask us how you can move your way to wellness!  
Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre – located in the Davis Building  @utm_sports  @utm_athletics

International Education Centre – Ask us about University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage, submitting claims, and finding preferred providers
Visit us on Campus