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 "Coming to Canada and studying at UTM is a great adventure. Meeting people from numerous backgrounds enriches one's cultural knowledge." -Denys, UTM student

Applying for a study permit is an important part of coming from abroad to study in Canada. As soon as you accept your offer, you can connect with our International Student Immigration Advisor to get help with your study permit and visa applications at no additional cost! More information about study permits has been included below.

Canadian Post-Secondary Study Permit

To study in Canada at the university level, you must have a valid post-secondary study permit. You may also need a temporary resident visa. Applying for your study permit early will ensure that you can: 

  • Arrive in Canada before classes begin
  • Get your TCard upon arrival and access all of the services available to you
  • Maintain eligibility for other immigration-related permits and statuses (e.g. post-graduation work permit) 

Applying for Your Study Permit

  1. You will receive your University of Toronto offer letter in a congratulatory email from UofT Enrolment Services. After you receive this email, you will have access to it via PDF on the Join UofT website
  2. As soon as you accept your offer of admission, please apply for your study permit through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website or in person at the Visa Application Centre.
  3. After you apply and are approved, you will receive an introduction letter from the visa office. 
  4. Arrive in Canada with:
    • Passport
    • Your introduction letter from the visa office 
    • Your University of Toronto Mississauga offer letter 
  5. Your study permit will be issued at the border.
    Note: If you apply in Canada, it will be sent to you by mail. 

I’m studying high school in Canada on a valid student permit, do I really need a new one?

Yes, you must apply for, and obtain a new study permit in order to begin your studies at UTM. A study permit for secondary school does not authorize you to study at the university/college level.

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For More Information

This entire website is dedicated to new student topics, all of which are relevant to international students as well. Course enrolment, paying fees, health insurance for international students, and more are located on various pages across the site. Please visit the other pages to ensure that you complete all of the necessary steps before classes begin.

International Student Pre-arrival Guide.Look for the International perspective icon. A red globe on a UofT blue background icon throughout the website, indicating additional information specifically for international students!

The International Student Pre-Arrival Guide for international students is another valuable resource that contains essential arrival info and everything you need to know about having a successful year in Canada. 

Click here to view the Pre-Arrival Guide

Getting Your Questions Answered

The International Education Centre is here to help you connect with other students, internationalize your experience, and join a cross-cultural community at the University of Toronto Mississauga. 

Contact us if you have any questions about immigration, UHIP, life in Canada, study abroad, or anything else! 

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