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The IECwould like to extend our condolences to those of you in our community who have been affected by the recent earthquake in Italy, as well as other students impacted by natural disasters.  Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. During times like these we are reminded how easily our academic and professional endeavors can be disrupted by events beyond our control. If you feel that you would like a bit of support or simply want to talk about the impact of these events, there are many options open to you including the following:
    -  IEC staff available by appointment or drop-in to offer support;
    -  UTM’s Health & Counselling Centre and Student Housing & Residence Life offers many types of
     services, including personal counselling to support you;
    -  Off-Campus Mental Health resources are also available to you, and many can be accessed after hours.

International Students

I want to renew my study permit  I want to work in Canada  I want to become a permanent resident
How do I use my health card?  I need a SIN number  I want to meet new people

International Opportunities

I am a UTM student looking to study abroad  I am a visiting student from a non partner institution  I am an incoming exchange student from a partner institution


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