Getting Started


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Welcome to UTM


A picture of Dr. Alex Gillespie, Principal, UTM and VP, UofT.

Welcome to the University of Toronto Mississauga: I am thrilled to join you in this special place.

My family and I live on campus; and we love walking on UTM’s nature trail. It runs alongside the Missinnihe: the trusting creek. French and British settlers named this river the Credit because, at its shore, they traded goods on credit with Indigenous peoples, who have cared for these lands for thousands of years.  

This history of connection and trust shapes our campus’s mission today, which values reciprocity in all relations and works to live up to the responsibilities entrusted to us.  

At UTM we strive to practice creative approaches to teaching and to do research that has a positive impact on the world; to run our campus sustainably and inclusively; and to connect with one another with honesty and generosity. We do it to fulfill the trust our students—you!—have placed in us and honour the better future that you’ll help create.  

Your next step toward that future involves what Michelle Obama once called a year of firsts. You’ll listen to your first university lecture in Deerfield Hall; or make your first discoveries in UTM’s labs and innovation hubs; or study for your first exam in our Library.  

You might attend your first university club at the UTM’s Student Centre, and share stories with your first UTM friends in Residence. You will meet your first professors, go to tutorials with your first teaching assistants, and learn alongside your first university classmates.  

I feel lucky to be a part of your year of firsts and proud to work with colleagues at UTM who are committed to helping you flourish. It’s our privilege to do it, because that better future—safer, smarter, more equitable—depends on you.  

Welcome: I look forward to seeing you on campus!  

Alexandra Gillespie
Vice-President & Principal
University of Toronto Mississauga

Navigating This Site

Your Pre-Arrival Guide

The University of Toronto Mississauga and its community are passionate about helping you succeed. The first steps to success begin as soon as you receive your offer. This website will guide you along the way, providing you with up-to-date information from across the campus. Where helpful, we provide links that allow you to access additional information.

Except where indicated, the information found across this site is relevant to all incoming students. The information found on the International Students page is particularly relevant to students requiring Canadian study permits and visas. Students interested in registering with the Accessibility Resource Centre and/or having their primary health care provider located at UTM will find useful information on the Health & Accessibility page.

While you will find important dates and deadlines spread across each of the pages, we have compiled a list of action items and dates on the Checklists page. 

If you have questions about the topics on a page, see the "Get Help" section located at the bottom of each page. We are here to support you in any way we can!

Key First Steps


Students in a lecture hall.

Accept Your Offer

Congratulations on receiving your offer! Your next step is to reply to the offer before the deadline. Instructions are included with your offer of admission. See the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website for more information. 


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Access the JOIN U of T Applicant Website

After you've accepted your offer, log in to the JOIN U of T Applicant Website at and check that your acceptance was received. You'll also be able to download your offer documents from here.


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Review Your Conditions

Check your offer letter to determine if you have any conditions that need to be satisfied to ensure your admission to UTM. Your conditions may include proof of acceptable English proficiency, specific grade requirements, submission of documents or others. More information is available at the following links:

Get Help

Have questions about the acceptance process or your offer in general? You can contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions office. 

Student Recruitment & Admissions
Room 1270, Innovation Complex