ISP130 Numeracy for University and Beyond

Whatever you may read, be it a news article about the Covid-19 pandemic or a scholarly paper for your undergraduate course in Political Science, numbers are there and unavoidable. They reveal important information and tell a storysometimes more powerful than words! ISP130 Numeracy for University and Beyond is a for-credit course designed to develop your confidence in engaging with numbers in a given context, as you will encounter in your courses at UTM and in everyday life so that you become informed and knowledgeable in making educated decisions about particular situations.

Develop confidence. We often feel self-doubt or anxiety when we think of engaging with numbers. This course is designed to combat that fear by providing opportunities to learn and practice so that you can reframe your relationship with numbers.

Interactive experience. Each ISP130 section has a maximum enrolment of 30 students. The small-size class will provide students with the opportunity to work together and with their instructor in an engaging and supportive environment.

A framework for understanding. Working collaboratively, students will investigate and explore numeracy from a wide range of sources (e.g., scholarly papers, news articles, websites, publicly available data) and will engage with numbers in a given context using simple and fun mathematical, statistical, and computation approaches. The goal is to create a framework of analyzing, understanding, and interpreting to make conclusions rather than simply memorizing concepts and ideas.

Real-world application. Learn how to apply your newfound skills in practical and productive ways in your life and within your courses at UTM. By the end of ISP130, you will be able to express what numbers say in various ways through writing, by creating visuals, and by verbally communicating your ideas. You will be armed with an improved number sense, helping you as you journey through university, and beyond.

How do I enroll in ISP130?

Students from all disciplines interested in taking ISP130 will be able to enroll in the course through ACORN when course enrolment becomes available. ISP130 will be offered in the Fall and Winter terms. You will find important information about how to enroll in courses on the Office of the Registrar website.


Please direct your questions to:

Laura Cesario
Academic Advisor and Faculty Support Administrator
Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy