UTM190H5 Writing in Place


Writing in Place
(SSc, HUM)
Special Topics at the Intersection of Social Science and Humanities

This 0.5 credit course can be used to satisfy either your Social Science (SSC) or Humanities (HUM) distribution requirement. This course is offered in the Winter 2025 term (January-April).

From individual bodies to communities and nations, life occurs “in place.” This course offers students the opportunity to explore the interrelationships between writing, language, space, and place. We will examine topics including sound classification, (spatial) rhetoric, and argumentation. Students will have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their knowledge by engaging in close reading, conducting research, communicating with both public and academic audiences, and observing and reflecting upon the various “places” they inhabit as students, writers, and citizens. Students will complete assignments such as a double entry reading notebook, a rhetorical analysis, and a public facing “explainer” or tutorial in a medium of their choice.

This course offers students the chance to:

  • Think deeply about the ways language use changes across social contexts.
  • Become a more adept communicator.
  • Learn about university-level expectations for reading, writing, and speaking.

This utmONE Scholars first-year seminar is taught by:

Woman smiling, with short hair, glasses, wearing a black shirt with layered necklaces.

Dr. Sarah SeeleyAssociate Professor, Teaching Stream, Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy

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