UTM191H5 The Language of Science and Technology


UTM191H5: The Language of Science and Technology (SCI, SSC)
Special Topics at the Intersection of Science and Social Science

This 0.5 credit course can be used to satisfy either your Science (SCI) or Social Science (SSC) distribution requirement. This course is offered in the Winter 2025 term (January-April).

This course analyzes the rhetorical character of scientific writing and examines the role of writing and the use of language in the scientific process. The course invites top researchers and scholars from across the UTM community to give interactive presentations to Scholars students on current research projects that correspond to professors’ recently published journal articles or book chapters. Parts of these articles/chapters will be highlighted each week to examine the different components allowing students to assess professionally prepared texts and to develop a critical awareness of the resources of language employed in science and technology. Students will engage with their own writing at various points throughout the course, finding ways to ‘fit’ into specific discourse communities.

This course offers students the chance to:

  • Broaden their perspective: Exposure to diverse research topics cultivates a broader worldview, fostering understanding across different disciplines and sub-disciplines.
  • Gain interdisciplinary insights: Learning about varied research topics enhances critical thinking and encourages interdisciplinary connections, meaning you’ll meet professors from a wide range of backgrounds!
  • Develop versatile skills: Engaging with a wide range of topics develops versatile research skills applicable across different fields, strengthening adaptability and problem-solving abilities.
  • Provide career advantages: Familiarity with a breadth of research areas enhances employability by demonstrating adaptability, intellectual curiosity, and the capacity to tackle multifaceted challenges. Want an ROP as an upper year? This is a good place to start.

This utmONE Scholars first-year seminar is taught by:

Photo of Laura Taylor.

Dr. Laura Taylor, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy

How to Apply to UTM191H5: The Language of Science and Technology

Students who receive an email invitation are eligible to apply. Invitations are sent on a rolling basis starting in May to early June. In the application form, you will have the opportunity to provide application answers for both your first and second choice of utmONE Scholars seminar. Please be sure to read our FAQ section before applying.

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