Scholars Collective Community

As a utmONE Scholar you belong to a community of dedicated and engaged students including students who are new to utmONE Scholars and upper-year students who experienced utmONE Scholars in their first-year. We host co-curricular events throughout the year that provide opportunities to connect with your peers and explore your personal and academic goals. 

Our initiatives are a collaborative effort between the Academic Success Team and the Scholars Collective Committee, a committee of past utmONE Scholars who actively engage and support our students.  

IN THE MEDIA! In 2021, the Scholars Collective community was featured in the Medium, UTM's independent student-run newspaper.  Read the article written by first-year student and utmONE Scholar, Veronika Sizova, here.

Summer Term 2022

Opportunities to gain experience and develop your skills as a facilitator or participant in our Scholars Summer Book Club (July/August), to become a mentor or a mentee in our Scholars Collective Peer Mentorship Program (August-April), and to apply to be a leading member in the Scholars Collective Committee in Fall 2022 will be sent out via email in April.  If you have any questions or want to ensure that you aren't missed in our email communication, please contact Rebecca at 

 Meet your your utmONE Scholars peers.  Engage over ideas related to society, learning and the student experience.  Practice your group discussion skills! SCHOLARS SUMMER BOOK CLUB.  There is a graphic of a stack of books in the right lower corner.

  Grow Together! Scholars Collective Peer Mentorship Community.  Gain support with your transition to university.  Connect one-on-one with an upper-year Scholar.  Attend social events with other mentees.  Explore personal and academic goal setting.

  Community - Connection - Collaboration

Fall/Winter Terms

Thank you to all the student volunteers and participants who contributed to build and connect our community this year!


Student Experience Workshops and Sessions

The staff and faculty of utmONE Scholars arrange opportunities for utmONE Scholars students to explore their personal and academic development goals outside of the classroom.  

Topics offered in 2021-22:

  • Planning Your Involvement Action Plan (October)
  • Meet the utmONE Scholars Faculty! (December)
  • Building your Mental Health Roadmap (February)
  • Communicating Your Research with Confidence (March)

Conversation Circles

 Share and Connect!  Scholars Collective Conversation Circles.  Preventing Academic Burnout. Understanding Procrastination. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome. Undergraduate Research Experiences.Conversation Circles are an opportunity to connect with fellow students to discuss a topic relevant to the student experience.  Conversations will be facilitated by experienced Scholars Collective Committee students.  Connect with others, share experiences, challenges and solutions, and develop participation skills in an informal and friendly small group environment.

Topics offered in 2021-22:

  • Preventing Academic Burnout and Building Resilience (October)
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism (November)
  • Understanding Procrastination (January)
  • Undergraduate Research Experiences (February)

Motivation Roundtables

 Get Inspired! Scholars Collective Motivation Roundtables.  Identifying Motivators.  Connecting to Curiosity.  Practical Positivity.  Collaborative Motivation. Motivation Roundtables are designed and facilitated by upper-year students.  Students connect over activities in an informal environment - examining, practicing, and discussing concepts related to student motivation. 

Topics offered in 2021-22:

  • Identifying Motivators (February)
  • Connecting to Curiosity (February)
  • Practical Positivity (March)
  • Collaborative Motivation (March)