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Student Housing & Residence Life at U of T Mississauga offers the most diverse range of housing options within the University of Toronto with more than 1,500 single and double spaces in traditional-style rooms, apartments, and townhouses. Our students will have the amenities necessary to provide the comforting feeling of home.

Living on campus provides you with the skills to be successful, both during your academic career and beyond graduation. Students who take part in transition programs achieve a significantly higher grade point average and earn more class credits after four years than students who do not complete the program.

Experience Residence

  • Optional Living Learning Communities (LLCs), designed around academic areas of study and exist to allow students to live and work in an environment where students have something in common with others living around them;
  • First-year students are placed in either traditional dorms, townhouses, or suites;
  • Fully-furnished bedrooms, equipped with a large twin-sized bed, desk, desk chair, dresser and closet
  • Semi-private washrooms shared with one to three other students
  • Location to campus amenities, and access to a wide range of student services
  • Over 100 student leadership and development opportunities offered, such as a community Don or a Residence Education Facilitator (REF)

On-Campus Dining

All first-year students who live on campus are required to purchase a full meal plan, which offers a wide variety of choices, including vegetarian and halal options. Students who live off campus are also provided the option of purchasing a meal plan.

To learn more about meal plan options, visit

Residence Guarantee

All first-year students who indicate that they wish to live on campus on their OUAC application and who apply before the specified deadlines are guaranteed a space in residence. This guarantee applies regardless of how close you live to campus or what your grades are.

Applying to Residence

The Residence Application will open in January 2024.

Student Housing & Residence Life

To learn more about your options, applying, the cost of living, and more, please contact:

Student Housing & Residence Life
Oscar Peterson Hall, Suite 120
3359 Mississauga Road

Telephone: 905.828.5286
Fax: 905.828.5473

Off-Campus Housing

Looking for a place to live off campus? Are you searching for a roommate? Visit the Off-Campus Housing page on the Student Housing & Residence Life website for more information about what's available and learn about the resources available.