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Admission Update Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19
The University of Toronto is committed to ensuring that disruptions outside students’ control will not negatively impact those students’ enrolment at the University. We will update the information to applicants and admitted students on Join U of T/email as new information emerges.

- Please read our April Counsellor Update email that was sent out on April 6, 2020. It  outlines how we are processing and assessing applications based on available results, releasing offers on schedule, and how you and your students can connect with us.
- For information about events, tours and recruitment activities, please visit:
- For information about how COVID-19 is affecting admissions and an FAQ, please visit:
- The University’s overall COVID FAQ updates are provided here.

We value the partnership with secondary school guidance counsellors throughout the application process. We rely on school counselling staff in all jurisdictions to reinforce the university’s application requirements and deadlines and to highlight our admission requirements.

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2020-21 Admissions and Programs Updates

New Programs

  • Minor in Creative Writing: Offered by the Department of English and Drama. This program will allow students to focus on either the literary or dramatic arts, or to integrate their work in both these areas of creative expression. They will learn about the artistic traditions that frame their own writing; and experiment with producing and sharing written work in a variety of genres, using a range of formal techniques.
  • Minor in Sustainability: Offered by the Department of Geography, this minor program will provide students with theory and practice in the area of sustainability and sustainable development. 
  • Minor in Environmental Law and Policy: Offered by the Department of Geography. The Minor, Environmental Law and Policy will provide an analysis and overview of environmental issues, ethical principles, and practices that are relevant to legal, political, and social applications, both in Canada and internationally. Areas of focus will be on environmental policy and environmental law. 
  • Certificate in Global Perspectives: Offered by the Department of Language Studies. The Certificate in Global Perspectives will provide students the opportunity to examine issues from different cultural, economic and socio-political perspectives, and provide an interdisciplinary or disciplinary global lens through which to interpret and evaluate our interconnected world.
  • Certificate in Advanced Economics: Offered by the Department of Economics, the Certificate in Advanced Economics is open to students who seek a more formal and deeper analysis of economic models and their application. The requirements include core advanced courses in the three main fields of economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics that will help prepare students for graduate and professional studies as well as provide valuable applicable skills for future careers.
  • Professional Experience Certificate in Digital Media, Communication and Technology: Offered by the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology (ICCIT), this program will provide students enrolled in the Specialist in Digital Enterprise Management (HBA), Major in Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (HBA) and Major in Professional Writing and Communication (HBA) programs the opportunity to engage in industry-based experience in digital technology and media fields that will be integrated into their studies through work placements.

New Names

  • Behaviour, Genetics, & Neurobiology has been renamed to Neuroscience.

Program Prerequisites

  • Programs that now require MCV4U: Biomedical Physics; Physics
  • Programs that now require SBI4U: Biomedical Physics; Earth Science
  • Programs that now recommend MCV4U: Chemistry; Environmental Science; Earth Science; Environmental Geosciences; Biology; Biology for Health Sciences; Biotechnology; Comparative Physiology; Ecology & Evolution; Molecular Biology; Paleontology; Neuroscience; Economics (HBA); Economics & Political Science; Financial Economics; International Affairs
  • Programs that now recommend SPH4U: Comparative Physiology; Ecology & Evolution; Molecular Biology
  • Programs that no longer require CHM4U: Physics
  • Programs that no longer recommend CHM4U: Astronomical Sciences; Astronomy, Biomedical Communications
  • Programs that no longer require MHF4U: Biomedical Communications; Combined HBA Environmental Management/MSc Sustainability Management; Environmental Management

Updated Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

The following is a reminder of a change that was made last year.

Our updated guaranteed entrance scholarships, available to all newly admitted students directly from high school, are as follows:

  • 95.0% and above: Up to $12,000 ($3,000 x 4 years)
  • 92.0% – 94.9%: $3,000
  • 90.0% – 91.9%: $2,000

For complete details, visit the Automatic Entrance Scholarships page.

Suspended Programs

  • Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts/Master of Information (suspended as of 2018-19)