UTM Bridging Pathway

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U of T Mississauga gave me an opportunity. As a mature student, the UTM Bridging Pathways familiarized me with the university and a new academic setting. My professors provided me with helpful resources and answered any questions that came to mind. My peers created a welcoming community; all striving to succeed, regardless of age or background.

Sophie Forbes, Double Major CCIT & Professional Writing & Communications, Class of 2020

About this Pathway

The U of T Mississauga Bridging Pathway (UTMBP) offers mature students (at least 20 years of age) the opportunity to be admitted to University undergraduate studies when they do not meet traditional admission requirements and have been away from formal education for some time.

How it Works

You will be required to enrol in, and successfully complete, two half credits over the Fall and Winter academic session.

  • If you achieve an average between 63-72.9% in the Fall term half-credit course, you can continue into the Winter term for one additional half-credit course, for a total of 1.0 credits. 
  • If you achieve a 73% average or better in the Fall term half-credit course, you may choose to take two half-credit courses in the Winter term, for a total of 1.5 credits.

Upon completion of your first year:

  • If you achieve an average between 72% and 63%, you will be permitted to proceed to part-time degree studies at U of T Mississauga.
  • If you achieve an average of a 73% average or better, you become eligible to proceed to full-time degree studies at U of T Mississauga.

A Few Notes

  • Successful completion of credits within the UTMBP would count towards the 20.0 credits required for an undergraduate degree at U of T in an Arts stream.
  • You will be eligible to choose their courses from a list of over 30 first year, half-credit, humanities and social science classes.
UTM Bridging Pathway chart


Students living closer to U of T's St. George campus in downtown Toronto, or those planning on pursuing degree studies at U of T St. George in the future, may be alternately interested in the Academic Bridging Program (ABP) offered through U of T's Woodsworth College.

For more information about the St. George Academic Bridging Program, please visit www.wdw.utoronto.ca/bridging.