Psychology (HBSc)

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Psychology programs emphasize the scientific method and its application to the study of behaviour and thought processes in humans and animals. Courses in a wide range of areas are taught by outstanding faculty, many of whom conduct leading edge research in areas such as child development, social behaviour, cognition, perception, personality and the biological basis of behaviour. You can engage in ongoing research and/or applied field work under the supervision of faculty members.

"I wanted a leading institution and U of T was that choice. I also liked the geographic proximity – I walked to campus my first year – and my familiarity with the campus."
- Sven Spengemann, HBSc, Psychology, Class of 1990

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TMP
Approximate Competitive Average: Mid to high 70s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
Program Course Prerequisites: Prerequisites vary depending on program. Please select a program below to view course prerequisites.

Note: Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee you admission to the University. Admission is subject to space availability and competition.

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Exciting Opportunities

School Director

Our Faculty

Our faculty includes scientists in the areas of social, personality, developmental, and abnormal psychology, as well as cognition, perception, language, and neuroscience.


Research Opportunities

We offer undergraduate students the chance to work on cutting edge research; one-on-one with our leading and highly-qualified instructors.


Field Placement

The Practicum in Exceptionality in Human Learning course allows students to work with children and adults with disabilities in local schools and social services settings.