Professional Skills Development Program


What is the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP)?

The Department of Management believes strongly in providing opportunities and experiences to complement and enhance learning outside of the classroom. 
PSDP is broken down into six categories:
  1. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (minimum 10 pts. from this category
  2. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (minimum 5 pts. from this category)
  3. DEVELOP SKILLS (minimum 15 pts. from this category)
  4. INDUSTRY RESEARCH (minimum 6 pts. from this category)
  5. JOB SEARCH (minimum 6 pts. from this category)
  6. KNOW YOURSELF (minimum 4 pts. from this category)
Students that complete the 46 PSDP point minimum requirement listed above, can apply for a UofT Transcript Notation.

PSDP Transcript Notation

Students who consistently take part in PSDP activities throughout their years in the Commerce or Management programs will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads, Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management.
How quickly one completes the transcript notation requirements will depend partly on the program offerings in a given year, as well as the level of commitment of the individual student.
To request an application, please email Ramya Uthayakumar, Professional Development & Career Strategist
Note: This program is exclusive to Commerce and Management students within the Department of Management.

Approved PSDP LinkedIn Learning

Students missing PSDP points in any of the six (6) categories can complete eLearning courses available through LinkedIn Learning. Students will receive 1 PSDP point for each hour completed.
Note: Students can only complete a maximum of five (5) PSDP points through LinkedIn Learning for each category to complete the Transcript Notation requirement. If you have any questions regarding approved PSDP LinkedIn Learning courses, please contact Ramya Uthayakumar for further clarification.

Approved PSDP Events List

PSDP Alternative Category: If you have more than the required number of points in one category but not enough points in another category, you may still qualify for the PSDP Transcript Notation. You may attend the same event in the following year or another date/time and have it meet the requirement for another PSDP category which you may be lacking points in.
If you have attended a "professional development" event not listed on the approved list above with a Department stakeholder, you can request this event to receive PSDP points.
Note: Points from Career Centre events are typically updated at the end of the semester (Fall = December; Winter = March)


PSDP Points Request Form

Have you attended an event that is not on the PSDP registration website or list of verified PSDP events? But feel that the event should receive PSDP points, submit a PSDP Points Request form for us review.
Please email Ramya Uthayakumar, Professional Development & Career Strategist for a PSDP Points Request form.

*** Update regarding LinkedIn Learning

Recently the province-wide license for LinkedIn Learning, negotiated by eCampus Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities license, has not been renewed. 
What this means is that student access to LinkedIn Learning will be terminated effective September 21, 2020. If you have not connected your LinkedIn Learning account with LinkedIn, your learning history will be lost. Please visit LinkedIn Learning with to learn how to safeguard your details. If you have already connected the two, then your history will be available once you log in to LinkedIn Learning through other means. 
Please note that you may be able to obtain LinkedIn Learning access through your local library. See limited links below: 
If you are able to continue your independent learning through this means, PSDP will continue to count your points accordingly. For those who cannot, we will be investigating other options and advise you once we have a plan in place.

Have additional questions? Connect with the PSDP program team:

Ramya Uthayakumar | Professional Development & Career Strategist
Gaby Zhou | Acting Student Life & Program Assistant

We know that every point counts when it comes to completing your 46 PSDP points requirement for a transcript notation. This year it may take a little longer to input your points manually since we are all working remotely and cannot scan your T-card. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for staff to check the attendance and upload your PSDP points. And don't worry, we see your dedication to the program and it will be acknowledged...just give us a bit of time.