Instructor & Teaching Assistant Jobs

All UTMM employment opportunities will be posted on this website, filling Positions Under the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement.

Sessional Lecturers I, Long-Term, II or III (instructors who teach for the University of Toronto on contracts of less than one year and who are not registered students at the University of Toronto)

The Department of Management may hire Sessional Lecturers (SL) to deliver some of its courses. Positions will be posted below and copies of the application forms and postings can be picked up from the Innovation Complex, Room 2268.


Sessional Instructional Assistants (teaching assistants who are not currently registered as students at the University of Toronto, but who may be students registered at another university)

The Department of Management may hire Sessional Instructional Assistants to assist course instructors. Positions and applications are posted below. Copies are available at the Innovation Complex, Room 2268.

Only offers of employment through the normal contracting process that originate from the administrative offices of the Department of Management are valid.

Generally speaking, we make decisions concerning courses in August for Fall or Winter courses and in April for Summer courses. However, sometimes decisions may be made earlier or later. Unexpected vacancies may arise at any time.

Applications will be retained for twenty-four (24) months. If you submit an application and CV, you will receive emailed job postings for specific positions for the next twenty-four (24) months.

Pursuant to the CUPE Local 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement, preference in hiring is given to qualified persons holding the rank of Sessional Lecturer II or III.

CUPE 3902 Unit 1: Student Employment Opportunities

Unit 1 positions are open to students currently enrolled at the University of Toronto. Preference in hiring selection will be given to graduate students enrolled at the University of Toronto.

One application form per course applied is required. Please fill out the online application form for each course you wish to apply for. Individual course application forms are linked besides the job posting.
Each application must include a resume, unofficial transcript and teaching experience form plus any additional information listed on the job posting combined into one PDF document. Click here for the Teaching Experience form

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration programs (B.Com, BBA, Hon BA, Hon B.Sc.):

General Assistant Invigilator Pool (all programs):

  • Assistant Invigilator (AI) opportunities: Click here for the application form
    • This is a static form, any information entered will not be saved, you must print to PDF to submit electronically.
  • Please label the PDF in the following format: “LastName, FirstName_Invigilation Application” and send the completed form to
  • Note that AI application periods run from August 1st to June 30th of each year. Applications are accepted for this entire duration, and AIs are contacted on an as needed basis. On July 31st, all previous applications are purged, and eligible applicants must reapply to be considered for invigilation opportunities in the coming year. A new application form is required each year.

CUPE 3902 Unit 3: Employment Opportunities

Unit 3 positions are to be filled by those who are not current students at the university or postdoctoral fellows (but who may be students registered at another university).

One application form per course applied is required. Each application must also include a resume.

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration programs (B.Com, BBA, Hon BA, Hon B.Sc.):

Other Faculty Employment Opportunities

  • Part-time faculty opportunities: no positions available

Application Forms for Sessional Lecturers

Click here for the application form.

Please fill out a seperate application form for each course you are applying to. Submit the application form and your resume as a single PDF document. Please label the PDF in the following format: “LastName, FirstName_Course Code”

Application Forms for Sessional Instructional Assistant positions

Each course has a separate MS Form, please check the job posting for the link. One application form per course applied is required. For example, to apply for MGT120 and MGM320, you must submit the corresponding MS form for each course. 


CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Teaching Assistant Training Program

First time TAs are eligible for up to four (4) hours of paid training by the Teaching Assistants Training Program (TATP). All TAs are eligible to complete workshops through TATP.  To register for training workshops go to:

See an overview of UTM’s policies and procedures regarding employment at the UTM HR website.