Professional Skills Development Program

*Attention students admitted in 2023: UTMM will share information on access to PSDP through your utoronto email. Both PSDP and UTMBusinessConnect will be launched for all in-program students early September 2023. 

The PSDP teaches and enhances key skills, increasing your employability. Learn to build relationships, research industries, search for jobs, discover and develop your greatest strengths. Complement your learning outside the classroom, building confidence with these skills.

Complete the 46 PSDP-point minimum requirement below, and you can apply for a UofT Transcript Notation. 

  1. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT (minimum 10 pts. from this category)
  2. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (minimum 5 pts. from this category)
  3. DEVELOP SKILLS (minimum 15 pts. from this category)
  4. INDUSTRY RESEARCH (minimum 6 pts. from this category)
  5. JOB SEARCH (minimum 6 pts. from this category)
  6. KNOW YOURSELF (minimum 4 pts. from this category)

What is the PSDP Transcript Notation?

Students who consistently take part in PSDP activities throughout their years in the Commerce or Management programs will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads, Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management.

How quickly you complete the requirements depends partly on the program offerings in a given year, and the level of your commitment.

Note: This program is exclusive to UTMM Commerce and Management students.

Have additional questions? Connect with the PSDP program team: Fizza Jaffari | Professional Development & Career Strategist

*We know that every point counts when it comes to completing your 46 PSDP points requirement for a transcript notation. This year it may take a little longer to input your points manually since we are all working remotely and cannot scan your T-card. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for staff to check the attendance and upload your PSDP points. And don't worry, we see your dedication to the program and it will be acknowledged...just give us a bit of time.