Special Consideration request process for term work

Procedures and Rules

Special Consideration Request for Academic Accommodation Request - Missed Tests & Quizzes (term work only, NO final exams):

To be considered for academic accommodation for missed tests and quizzes (ONLY), please follow the appropriate next steps depending on your circumstance (i.e. illness related or non-illness related). Extension of time requests should follow the same process. Do NOT submit a petition for final exams. Final exam deferrals must be submitted through the Registrar's Office.  

» Click here for the Special Consideration Request Application

Illness or Non-illness Related Next Steps

  1. Inform your professor in writing (e-mail is acceptable) no later than 24 hours after the test or quiz date of any circumstances that prevent you from writing a test or quiz. Failure to do so will result in your special consideration request petition being denied.
  2. Submit an online Special Consideration Request as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours after the test or quiz date. Failure to do so will result in your request being denied. Click here for the Special Consideration Request Application.
  3. Provide your supporting documentation on the Special Consideration Request Application by attaching screenshots or relevant documents within one week of the missed test/quiz. Supporting documentation may include a screenshot of the Absence Declaration tool on ACORN. Please ensure the dates identified in your absence declaration include the actual test or quiz date, if applicable. Please refer the course outline for term work exclusions from use of Absence Declaration. The Department requires supporting documentation (such as Verification of Illness form) if your course outline excludes test/quiz from the one-time ACORN declaration. Illness related documentation include the Verification of Illness form which must be in English and completed by a practitioner registered and licensed in the Province of Ontario with original signature and business stamp. Non illness related documentation will vary but a death in the family requires submission of a death certificate.  Requests without supporting documentation will be denied.               


  • Failure to follow this process will result in your Special Consideration Request being denied.
  • If your form is not completed correctly with the necessary details to assess your Special Consideration Request, your request may be denied.
  • In the case of an illness, you need to follow the specific Missed Tests requirements for your course.
  • You may receive a follow up email or response on the Special Consideration Request Application from the UTMM petitions committee. If so, you MUST respond within 24 hours.
  • If there is concern about your Special Consideration Request, your request may be refused and/or you may be asked to meet with an Associate Chair or Program Director.
  • If you have multiple Special Consideration Requests your request may be refused.
  • If you do not complete the make-up work as and when required, you will receive a grade of zero for the original missed test; further special consideration is not permitted.

Holidays and pre-purchased plane tickets, family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), your friend's wedding, lack of preparation, or too many other tests are not acceptable excuses for missing a quiz, a test, or an item of course work.

The written explanation and documentation that you submit represents an appeal from you, which requests the opportunity to account for that portion of your grade in an alternate manner than the normal one that is described in this course outline. If an appeal is not received by the deadline specified above, or if the appeal is deemed unacceptable, you will receive a grade of zero.

Important Tips for Students 

  • Students should use the new Special Consideration Request system for all MGM & MGT missed term work. Requests submitted using the previous petitions system will not be reviewed and a grade of zero will be given.
  • Other academic departments at UTM may be using other systems and have different processes. Please read each course outline carefully.
  • Documentation should always be provided along with your Special Consideration Request. This may include VOI or other relevant documentation for each request. Students should submit a screenshot of their ACORN Absence Declaration Tool, if applicable. REMEMBER to check your course outline since Instructors may exclude one term test/quiz from use of the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool.