Affiliate Student Clubs

UTM Capital Management

UTM Capital Management is a student-run investment fund founded in 2018 as part of an academic club to help undergraduate students across all programs learn more about investing. Our goal is to provide a platform for experiential learning by allowing students to make informed investment decisions based on their ongoing research and analysis of the markets.


DECA UTM, a student club at the University of Toronto Mississauga, organizes various events that help students improve their communication, analytical and critical thinking skills. The club aspires to continue and further the level of success many of their members have experienced through business simulations that are provided through several conferences during the year. Aiming to aid tomorrow’s leaders in gaining valuable career skills and experience, DECA UTM looks forward to annother exciting academic year. All students from every discipline and faculty are welcome to join, as anyone can benefit from valuable networking opportunities and transferable skills that are valued in any industry.