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IMI Business Association

IMI Business Association  

The IMI Business Association strives to build valuable opportunities for students to network and develop skills oriented to the vast fields of business. It is one of the University of Toronto Mississauga's largest student societies that caters to a vast number of business interest groups and clubs. Follow us on Linkedin and Instagram. 


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Our mission and vision

The founding values of honour, excellence and dignity are fundamental to the IMI Business Association’s (IBA) ethos. IBA’s cross-curricular approach aims to set new standards in all-round educational excellence for the leaders of tomorrow. Traditionally known as the Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) and Student Management Association (SMA), with a longstanding heritage with an exceptional reputation, we strive to shape future business leaders by supplementing with resources that nurture professional development in all our students.

The IMI Business Association is strongly committed to balancing academic excellence with an inclusively diverse and rich extra-curricular program, well known as the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP). With our strong recognition, we will reach a wide audience of students and talent which your organization can showcase and be an important contributor to the inspiration of tomorrow’s business leaders. We take pride in our relationships with our corporate partners, renowned faculty.