Conference & Competition Funding

Committed to student development and skill enhancement, UTMM offers funding for competitions and conferences. So, you can exploit such opportunities outside of the classroom without the usual constraints of a student budget.

UTMM students have participated in events such as:

  • Brock University Accounting Competition (BUAC)
  • National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC)
  • Nspire
  • Fast Pace to the Case
  • LIVE Competition (UTSC)
  • ACHIEVE (Ryerson)
  • Ted Rogers Sports Conference (Ryerson)

How to secure up to 50% of registration costs. Is there a conference or competition related to your area of study that you’d like to participate in? You can be reimbursed for up to half your registration costs.

1. At least two weeks before the event, complete and submit these Conference/Competition Funding Request form.

2. No later than two weeks after the event, present the following:
a) a completed copy of the Reimbursement form with original receipt/proof of payment, proving the payment was for registration or delegate fees
b) a copy of all competition-related material including cases, judging rubrics, event itinerary, and any promotional material
c) a 2- to 3-page summary of your experience by completing this
Conference/Competition Summary Form.