Director's Circle

The Director's Circle is an honourary designation for those students who, within one academic year (September - March), have accumulated 30 PSDP points. Students who successfully join the Director’s Circle are recognized at an awards ceremony attended by industry representatives, alumni, on-campus partners, faculty and staff. It is one of the most prestigious events in the calendar year and is highly anticipated by the student body.
Director’s Circle applicants must be enrolled in a Commerce or Management program (first-year applicants must be enrolled in first-year studies in Commerce or Management).

Have you completed 30 PSDP points?

Students who have completed at least 30 PSDP points by March 1st are eligible to apply to the Director's Circle and will be automatically registered to the Annual Director's Circle and UTMM Awards Night.

Application information can be found on UTMM iHub.

Note: Students must accumulate 30 PSDP points within the academic year (September - March 1st).