PSDP-Transcript Notation

Transcript Notation:

Students who consistently take part in PSDP activities throughout their years in the Commerce or BBA/Management programs will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads

 “Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management”. 

PSDP is built upon six categories: Know Yourself, Industry Research, Academic Development, Develop Skills, Build Relationships, Job Search.  A description and the minimum number of skill points required for each category is outlined below, but in order to receive a transcript notation, students must earn a total of at least forty­‐six (46) PSDP skill points over three to four years in their academic program.  Points are based on the number of hours spent on each activity, with the exception that for all-­‐day events a maximum number of 5 points are allocated. How quickly one completes the transcript notation requirements will depend partly on the program offerings in a given year, as well as the level of commitment of the individual student.  


Upon completion of the required 46 credit hours, students will be evaluated through a two-­‐step process. First, students will be required to submit a 500 word report which describes, and reflects on what they have learned through their participation in PSDP. The report will need to address each of the 6 categories, provide specific examples of the impact participation had on their development, and suggest ways in which they believe that they could take the learning forward.

Next, students will undergo an interview where they will be asked about both their written submission as well as about any other relevant aspects of their PSDP participation. Interviewers will work with a standardized list of interview questions. There will, however, be some latitude with regards to questions tailored to individual students as evidenced by their report.

Students who successfully complete the written component and the interview will have their names put forward for an academic transcript notation.

Application for 2020 Transcript Notation: DUE APRIL 3rd @ 11:59 PM

CLICK HERE PSDP Transcript Notation Application.

Deadline to submit applications is April 3rd @ 11:59 pm.

Did you know: PSDP now offers alternate categories for events! Just indicate on your application!

Note: If you have a 3.5 CGPA and qualify for the Transcript Notation, you are also eligible to apply for an Academic Excellence Award and Ambassador Award. Applications are due by or before March 1st, 2020.


Starting out as a shy, reserved student with little soft skills, I am thankful to PSDP that gave me an opportunity to learn these skills. From discovering the professional table manners to the etiquette of dressing, and polishing my communication skills, I can attest that attending PSDP events have allowed me to develop countless soft skills. As I enter the professional workforce today, I experience first-hand how essential soft skills are and how important it is to gain them early in the career. I am glad that PSDP has enabled me to become an all-rounded individual.

Haya Asim, B.Com 2015 

What do employers look for in recent graduates?" I asked this very question to my manager during my internship. She replied that soft skills were more important than gaining technical expertise, as they are transferable from company to company. Luckily, by participating in PSDP, I knew this wouldn't be a problem. Employers knew and appreciated that I had taken the time to attend sessions to improve myself. This program allowed me to grow as a professional and individual. 

Shamini Sellvaratnam, BBA 2014

I've been told that when it comes to finding a job, the technical skills can be taught but the soft skills are more difficult to impart. Now that I have made the transition into the workforce, I can fully understand how truly valid this statement is. PSDP is a great program that allows students to take away as much as they put in, and the skills that are gained are certainly those that will get recognized by employers. I can absolutely attest to the positive impact that it has made with launching my career.

Uria Park, B.Com 2013