Transcript Notation

Students who consistently take part in PSDP activities throughout their years in the Commerce or BBA/Management programs will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads:
 “Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management.” 
PSDP is built upon six categories: Know Yourself, Industry Research, Academic Development, Develop Skills, Build Relationships, Job Search.  A description and the minimum number of skill points required for each category is outlined below, but in order to receive a transcript notation, students must earn a total of at least forty­‐six (46) PSDP skill points over three to four years in their academic program. Points are based on the number of hours spent on each activity, with the exception that for all-­‐day events a maximum number of 5 points are allocated. How quickly one completes the transcript notation requirements will depend partly on the program offerings in a given year, as well as the level of commitment of the individual student.  


Upon completion of the required 46 credit hours, students will be evaluated through a two-­‐step process. First, students will be required to submit a 500 word report which describes, and reflects on what they have learned through their participation in PSDP. The report will need to address each of the 6 categories, provide specific examples of the impact participation had on their development, and suggest ways in which they believe that they could take the learning forward.
Next, students will undergo an interview where they will be asked about both their written submission as well as about any other relevant aspects of their PSDP participation. Interviewers will work with a standardized list of interview questions. There will, however, be some latitude with regards to questions tailored to individual students as evidenced by their report.
Students who successfully complete the written component and the interview will have their names put forward for an academic transcript notation.

Application for PSDP Transcript Notation: DUE APRIL 1st at 11:59 P.M. (EST)

For more information regarding the PSDP Transcript Notation application, please visit UTMM iHub, or contact our career strategist.