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The Management programs prepare you to become a effective member of organizations. Drawing on a balanced offering of rigorous intellectual frameworks from the social sciences, they cover the nature and working of organizations, and managerial functions. The programs provide you with a good understanding of the major aspects of management and help you to acquire an integrated set of management skills through the resources of the Department of Management.

"I’ve gotten to befriend people I never would’ve seen myself hanging out with high-school, participated in extra-curriculars I never had the opportunity to explore, and just generally have learned so much about myself this past year, and I’m all the more happy for it."
- Gabriel, 1st year, Studies in Management

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TMG
Approximate Grade Range: Mid 80s (based on six Grade 12 "U" or "M" courses, including English (ENG4U) or equivalent)
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Program & Prerequisites Program Options

Business, Science, and Entrepreneurship (HBSc)



Human Resource Management



Management (HBA)







Exciting Opportunities



Reward your four years of study with dual-accreditation. At the same time that you study for your Business Degree, you can choose to earn UTMM’s Certificate in Effective Business Practices & Leadership Skills.

Light On


ICUBE is a business accelerator that offers early-stage business development & commercialization services including an entrepreneurial curriculum, business advisory services, co-working space & more.

Development Skill

Develop Skills

The Professional Skills Development Program (PDSP) complements classroom learning with soft skills development through participation in a variety of events from networking sessions to case competitions, workshops, and more.

Courses You Would Love

Critical Thinking

Psychology at Work (MGT262H5)

Theoretical ideas and practical applications concerning individual and group behaviour in organizations. We explore relevant problems confronting management: motivation, influence, communication, supervision, decision-making, and work force diversity.

Opposite Opinion

Data Analytics for Management (MGT270H5)

Students will be introduced to a variety of techniques for analyzing data for the purposes of decision and control. Topics covered include mathematical modelling, decision analysis and operations management. 

Mental State

Consumer Behaviour (MGT354H5)

Formulating successful marketing strategies requires an understanding of consumers' cultures, motivations, cognitions, and emotions. Students will learn how to use theoretical perspectives from psychology, economics, anthropology, and other disciplines to generate predictions.

Mind Map

Designing Effective Organizations (MGT363H5)

The course covers the relationship between design and effectiveness; the impact and determinants (environment, technology, competitiveness, size, life-cycle, communication needs) of an organization's form as well as the difficulties of re-framing organizations.

Discover Your Potential

Chadd Pirali

Chadd Pirali, HBA, Business Management and Sociology, Class of 2017

As a Management and Sociology double major, Chadd Pirali has developed an appreciation for both the parallels and differences of these fields. “Four years on this campus have opened my mind to unique perspectives on life and inspired me to always seek out more. There’s nothing I’d change about my time at UTM. It has definitely become home to me.”

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Lee Bailey

Lee Bailey, Associate Professor, Economics

Lee Bailey arrived at U of T’s St. George campus in 1987 with the intention of earning his master’s degree in economics and moving on. Instead, he stayed to begin work on a PhD, was diverted to U of T Mississauga by a teaching opportunity and stayed to forge a teaching career at UTM.

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Aida Sijamic Wahid

Gender-diverse boards reduce financial misconduct, new study shows

Putting women on the board is not only the fair thing to do, it leads to better financial reporting, research from the University of Toronto shows. The study of more than 6,000 American-listed companies found that firms with a mix of women and men on their boards outperformed those where boards had no women or only one, with fewer financial reporting restatements and a lower incidence of fraud.

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On this edition of the View to the U podcast, Professor Soo Min Toh talks about, among other things, the research that she has done in gender and the workplace, particularly in the area of women in leadership roles. 

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Chart Legend: Bio = Biology
C = Calculus & Vectors
Ch = Chemistry
F = Advanced Functions
Fr = French
Ita = Italian
M = Mathematics of Data Management
Math = One of the Grade 12 U Maths
Ph = Physics
/ = or
, = and
rec. = recommended
approx. = approximate

Sp = Specialist program
Ma = Major program
Mi = Minor program