Management (BBA)

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HandshakeThe Management programs prepare you to become a effective member of organizations. Drawing on a balanced offering of rigorous intellectual frameworks from the social sciences, they cover the nature and working of organizations, and managerial functions. The programs provide you with a good understanding of the major aspects of management and help you to acquire an integrated set of management skills through the resources of the Institute for Management and Innovation.

Programs & Requirements

OUAC Program Code: TMG
Approximate Grade Range: Mid 80s

The chart below is based on requirements in the Ontario curriculum. We will accept equivalent courses from other academic systems. Admission and approximate grade requirements are based on 6 Grade 12 "U" or "M", which includes English (ENG4U). See bottom of page for prerequisites legend.

Program Name & Options Prerequisites

Business, Science, and Entrepreneurship (HBSc)



Human Resource Management



Management (HBA)






Why Study Management at UTM?

Strong foundation for a fulfilling career

  • U of T degrees are highly regarded by potential employers
  • Rigorous grounding in business skills & knowledge, and applications
  • Challenging and relevant courses

Top professors

  • World-class expertise
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration with domestic and international scholars

Professional Skills Development Program

  • An ongoing co-curricular opportunity for students to further develop their skill sets to be career ready upon graduation
  • Sessions developed in collaboration with academic societies, industry partners, faculty and other partners of the Department of Management

Professional Development & Learning Centre

  • A dedicated resource for career development and exploration for students of the Department of Management
  • Year-round career advisement staff support to help ensure student success through the recruitment, interview and career launch process

Enriched Programs

  • Added value for students – career preparation, skills development, internship opportunities
  • Student experience – social and academic activities

Program Plans

Program Plans are quick and accessible overviews of the many academic and co-curricular opportunities available to help you get the most out of your UTM experience.

  • Human Resource Management (BBA) - specialist
  • Management (BBA) - specialist
  • Management (HBA, HBSc) - major

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Careers by Major

The skills you develop combined with your experiences while at UTM can help you succeed in a number of occupations. Your program of study doesn't determine your career. Created by UTM's Career Centre, the Careers by Major database identifies some potential career fields, how to gain related skills and experience, and useful resources and job samples.

Chart Legend: Bio = Biology
C = Calculus & Vectors
Ch = Chemistry
F = Advanced Functions
Fr = French
Ita = Italian
M = Mathematics of Data Management
Math = One of the Grade 12 U Maths
Ph = Physics
/ = or
, = and
rec. = recommended
approx. = approximate

Sp = Specialist program
Ma = Major program
Mi = Minor program

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