Benefits of Joining a Student Group

Benefits of Joining a Group

Being part of a student group is a rewarding experience, but comes with responsibilities, commitment, and at times, hard work. Being involved is one of the greatest ways to grow as a student, to enhance your university experience, and to grow in your leadership role within the groups you participate in. 

"Through my experience with SAGE, I’ve been able to meet and interact with lots of new people! I’ve also gained transferable skills like leadership and communication that will be helpful in the future. I joined the SAGE exec team in my second year and getting involved early has allowed me to network with not only my peers but also professors in the faculty and professionals in the field."

-Diljot Badesha, SAGE President

Here are some reasons why it is important to join a student group: 


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Get a CCR Notation by being part of a student group! 

CCR acts as a record that keeps a track of your extracurriculars which can be beneficial to fetch future positions within or outside UTM. Many UTM groups offer CCR recognition for initiatives, so search for these opportunities.


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Enhance your resume for jobs and graduate schools with these experiences! 

Gaining experience and positions on campus can help sharpen your resume and enhance the quality of the application for most jobs and graduate school applications. Joining a group, and participating as a leader within a group, will enhance your skills and better prepare you for your career and for graduate school. 


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Become a team player and meet a diverse group of students!  

Student groups are all about teamwork, so learning with and participating in activities with a diverse group of students will benefit your future as a global citizen.


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Gain valuable soft skills and real-world leadership experience! 

Soft Skills are vital in any role, and student groups at UTM help you develop those. Whether it is sharpening your communication skills or presentation skills or improving the way you communicate with others, activities outside of academic courses provide you with an opportunity to do so.  


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Get an opportunity to network with your peers, faculty, and other organizations both on and off-campus! 

At UTM, networking is key and student groups provide you with the opportunity to interact with your peers, faculty or numerous sponsors that you connect with. Moreover, networking provides you with first-hand experiences that you can learn and grow from. UTM has a large network of alumni student leaders, so student groups can give you an opportunity to connect with them. 


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You will give back to the community! 

Many groups on UTM work alongside organizations that assist in tackling and raising awareness about a variety of issues. This type of engagement is incredibly valuable as you look for ways to give back to your local community.  


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Explore and learn about yourself! 

UTM strongly believes in pushing you to explore and learn more about yourself, and engagement within student groups is a vital part of that. Through your involvement, you can learn more about your strengths, goals, and increase your self-awareness. 


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Use your curricular and co-curricular experiences!

The skills you learn in a student group, like communicating with peers, sharing ideas, and managing your time, will assist you in your courses. In many instances, you will also be able to use your curricular experiences to benefit your extracurricular activities. The skills you gain will continue to build your toolkit and enhance your university and post-university experiences. 


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You will see benefits to your overall health! 

Participating in groups and activities that interest you will help you to feel physically and mentally fulfilled. While schoolwork is important, feeling like you are part of a community, contributing to a common cause, and meeting other individuals with the same interest can give you a much-needed break and assist with your overall health. 


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You’ll have a great time! 

At UTM, it is never a dull time, and the simplest reason to join a student group is to have fun, meet new people, make new friends, and participate in enjoyable and fulfilling activities. 


For all questions regarding Student Groups at UTM, please contact:

Student Groups Team

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