Interfaith @ UTM

Interfaith at UTM

Interfaith @ UTM

Interfaith programming provides religious and spiritual support and care for the students, staff, and faculty of the University of Toronto Mississauga. It offers and supports events and programs on diverse topics that support the faith development of the campus community, provides religious and spiritual counselling, and facilitates prayer and meditation groups, learning circles, and religious and spiritual education. It serves as a resource for the Centre for Student Engagement, and as a liaison between the campus community (e.g., faith-based student groups) and Faith Groups in the Peel Region. 


Qu[e]erying Religion - Drop In

Drop for some social time, a movie, and support among friends where intersections of gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, religious faiths and spiritual practices are welcomed.

Drop-ins take place every other Thursday as follows below. Please note that each drop-in will have some sort of theme/discussion topic, resource person from the LGBTQ+/spiritual community and/or movie screening. We will continue to update themes and event specifics throughout the year. In the meantime, mark your calendars and save the dates!

Date Time Link to Register Themes (coming soon)
March 25 5 p.m. Click Here to Register  


What Programming Do We Offer?

There are a number of initiatives taking place at the University of Toronto Mississauga to support faith and spirit-based activities, programs, and events. Some of them include:

Initiative Date


Social Media Campaigns On-going

With regular posts around traditional celebrations, along with a number of other campaigns to highlight faith and spirit related topics, our Centre for Student Engagement features a number of posts each month to educate the community on Interfaith related topics.

This includes:

  • Highlighting religious holidays and celebrations and teach the UTM community about the traditions associated with the holidays
  • Featuring information about our faith leaders
  • Highlighting topics that may be of interest to students who want to learn more about various different faiths.

Please follow CSE on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter:

IG: @utmengage

FB: Facebook.come/UTMengage


Interfaith Digital Signs On-going

The Interfaith digital signs appear throughout campus and include information about current interfaith related initiatives running on campus. Some of the information on the digital signs includes:

  • Calendar of events
  • Calendar of religious/faith-based holidays
  • List and contact information of each Campus Faith Leader
  • A feature of all the campus prayer spaces
  • Opportunities to provide facts about upcoming events and religious traditions in an effort to educate the community
Campus Faith Leader Association Meetings On-going

The Campus Faith Leader Association meets several times a year. The campus faith leaders are available to students for spiritual support and to answer questions around faith and spirituality.