Campus Faith Leader Association

Campus Faith Leader Association

UTM's Campus Faith Leader Association

The University of Toronto Mississauga is proud to be home to the Campus Faith Leader Association (CFLA).

The CFLA is an interfaith organization at the University of Toronto Mississauga, which includes a wide range of faith communities on campus, represented by faith and spirit-based leaders affiliated with UTM recognized student organizations.

The CFLA aims to serve the campus community in a spirit of interfaith collegiality and will work to nurture and encourage faith communities on campus, promoting cooperative interaction and spiritual development.

UTM students are encouraged to connect with a faith leader for spiritual support, to learn more about worship and prayer sessions, or any questions related to their faith.


Faith Leaders @ UTM

Below are the names and contacts for the Campus Faith Leaders Association. If you have any questions, need religious or spiritual guidance, or would like to be involved with any of the groups, please connect with one of our faith leaders. 

If you don't see a faith leader representing your religious or spiritual affiliation, you can visit the University of Toronto St. George campus website to view additional faith leaders. Please visit the link here to view the directory.

UTM Chinese Christian Fellowship

Raphael Chan


Muslim Student Association

Mustafa Khattab

UTM Catholic Student Club

Lisa Caballero

Baptist Student Ministries

Scott Plavnick

Christian Students @ UTM

Jack hu

Ahlulbayt Students Association
Jaffer H Jaffer





For all questions regarding Interfaith & Spirituality at UTM, please contact:

Sako Khederlarian

Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Groups & Interfaith