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Academic Program Planning

Academic Program Planning. Event Timeline: Pathways to Programs - November 15, 2023. Student Program Planning Interactive Exhibition - March 2024

After first year (or when you complete 4.0 credits), you will choose your program(s) on ACORN. Learn more about Program Selection

Program selection and completion are important milestones within a student’s academic development and success at the University of Toronto, but navigating these processes can often seem confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming for many new students! The CSE offers support for students looking to explore their options and prepare themselves for choosing their program of study (POSt).

Pathways to Programs (P2P)

Drop-in Event - November 15, 2023, 10 AM - 3 PM in the Kaneff Rotunda

Preparing for Program Selection: Pathways to Programs - November 15, 2023. Learn how to get into your POSt and explore your options. Brought to you by the UTM Centre for Student Engagement, Office of the Registrar, and the Career Centre.
Preparing for Program Selection with Pathways to Programs - a Drop-in Event for POSt Support. Brought to you by the Centre for Student Engagement, Career Centre, and Office of the Registrar. Learn how to get into your POSt and explore your options!

As you approach the end of your first semester, you may experience some curiosity about what you want to study throughout the rest of your undergraduate journey. Pathways to Programs (P2P) can help you explore your burning questions and set you up for success come March when you apply for your POSt. This event is hosted by the Office of the Registrar, Career Centre and the Centre for Student Engagement.

What to Expect

Personal Discovery

Three Students at a table listening to one speak

Transition coaches can share their POSt experiences and help you plan a valuable university experience in and out of the classroom.

Career Planning

Student listening to a staff member

The Career Centre will help you connect your POSt options to career prospects, establishing goals to set you up for success.

Enrolment Fundamentals

Presentor in front of students in a lecture halls

The Office of the Registrar will help you understand the POSt system and help you determine ideal programs.

Program Selection Workshops

10 AM & 2 PM - room KN108

Learn how to choose your programs, the difference between Type 1, 2 and 3 programs, when to request your programs, and tips on how to make the most out of your CGPA. We will also explore the connection between your program and career interests.

**Private appointments with Academic Advisors and Career Counsellors will not be available at Pathways to Programs. Click on the respective links to arrange a meeting with the appropiate services.

Attending P2P

Create a Calendar Reminder! Pathways to Programs on November 15 in the Kaneff Atrium - Drop by anytime from 10AM to 3PM
Create a Calendar Reminder for November 15, 2023. Drop by Pathways to Programs anytime from 10AM - 3PM in the Kaneff Atrium!

You do not need to register for this event. Drop by the Kaneff Rotunda (in front of the Registrar's front desk) anytime from 10 AM - 3 PM. You will be greeted at our check-in tables where you will complete an attendance form.

This event is CCR Approved.

Preparing for Program Selection at Pathways to Programs (P2P)
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For questions and feedback regarding Pathways to Programs, please contact:

Jennifer Danahy
Supervisor, Pre-Arrival Engagement