Program Selection

New students apply to one of twelve admission categories, which is how our admissions office groups similar programs. At the end of your first year (or when you complete 4.0 credits), you will choose your program(s) on ACORN.

UTM offers over 90 areas of study, and you can decide how you want to spend your time - you can focus on and specialize in one program, or combine up to three programs that interest you.

Upcoming Events & Support

Icon of the number 1 in a small light blue box Student Program Planning Interactive Exhibition

SPPIE is an interactive exhibition for you to learn more about program planning and get an intro to planning your career path. Through this event, you will have an opportunity to engage with Career Advisors, Department Representatives, UTM Alumni and Academic Advisors to get all the information you need to assist in your program planning journey.

Icon of the number 2 in a small light blue box Program Selection Webinars

Session are offered throughout the month of March
During this interactive webinar you will learn about how to choose your programs, the difference between Type 1, 2 and 3 programs, when to request your programs, and tips on how to make the most out of your CGPA. During this webinar, we will also explore the connection between your program and career interests.

The session is offered jointly with the Office of the Registrar and the Career Centre.

Icon of the number 3 in a small light blue box Alternative Program Options Guide (PDF)

Type 3 programs are among the most competitive programs at UTM. Spaces in these
programs are limited, and students must meet specific program entry requirements.
Whether you are looking for an alternative option to your program, or are curious
about the options available to you, this Guide is a great place to start!

Icon of the number 4 in a small light blue box Register for FAQ Fridays with Academic Advising

Every Friday
Group advising sessions on Zoom are a great way to connect with our Academic Advisors live to get quick answers. Join us each week for this interactive session. Co-hosted by our upper year Peer Leaders.