Visiting Students

Application Deadlines

Start of classesSessionApplication Deadline
SeptemberFall termAugust 1
SeptemberFall and WinterAugust 1
JanuaryWinter termDecember 1
MaySummerApril 15
JulySummerJune 15

The University of Toronto Mississauga will consider applications from visiting students who are working towards an undergraduate degree and are in good standing at an accredited North American university. Visiting university students will need to have permission from their home university to transfer U of T Mississauga credit(s) to an undergraduate degree program at their home institution. If your university has an exchange agreement with the University of Toronto, a visiting student application may not be necessary – please check with your university.

U of T Mississauga degree students are given priority to enrol in courses prior to the non-degree visiting students’ registration date, and some courses are restricted at all times to U of T Mississauga students. 

If you wish to pursue a University of Toronto degree, contact the Recruitment & Admissions Office at U of T Mississauga at 905-828-5400. Approval as a non-degree visiting student is not the equivalent of university admission, nor does it imply future acceptance as either a degree student, or a non-degree student at U of T.

All registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified students. Acceptance of your application does not guarantee you a spot in your preferred course(s). Returning U of T Mississauga visiting students must re-apply and pay the application fee for each session in which they wish to enrol and must have earned at least 60% in any previously taken University of Toronto courses in order to re-enrol.

Non-degree Students

Non-degree students are students with permission to register in courses at the University of Toronto at the discretion of the head of the academic division, usually the Dean or as delegated.

Non-degree students have no admission to, or association with, a program of study. Accordingly, they have no ongoing rights to register for courses. Registration in a particular course remains a matter of divisional discretion in every case.  The policy governing non-degree students is the Governing Council policy “Association, Admission and Registration”. Non-degree visiting students at U of T Mississauga may not take courses at other campuses.

Application Requirements

  • Must be in good standing at an accredited North American university
  • Must be working towards an undergraduate degree
  • Must have permission from the home university to attend
  • Must meet course prerequisites and corequisites 
  • Must have achieved a minimum of at least 60% in any previously taken U of T courses

Application Process

  • Choose your courses
    • Use the Course Timetable to view our course listings
    • Review the important course enrolment information such as prerequisites, corequisites and enrolment controls on the Course Timetable to ensure you are eligible to take the courses you want.
    • Consult with the undergraduate department offering the course to make sure you have the appropriate prerequisites and/or corequisites.
  • Apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP)
    • Contact your registrar’s office to request an LOP. This letter confirms your eligibility to take the course, and usually assures that your U of T Mississauga course will fulfill your program/degree requirements. This letter must be signed, on university letterhead, and submitted along with your application.
  • Complete the Visiting Student Application as soon as possible, and pay the non-refundable $92 fee online by credit card.
  • Submit documentation
    • LOP from your home university 
    • Unofficial university transcripts
    • Unofficial high school transcripts (if applicable)
  • Check your email regularly for updates. You will be emailed with your application status, and if approved, you will receive your student number, instructions to activate your UTORid and next steps.
  • Apply for student loans (if applicable)
  • Contact Accessibility Services, if needed
    • If you have a physical or learning disability that requires accommodation, contact Accessibility Services at 905-569-4699 as soon as possible so that your needs can be accommodated by the start of classes.
  • Activate your UTORid and get your student identification card (TCard):
    • Your UTORid and password will provide you with access to online services including your U of T email address.
    • Schedule an appointment with the TCard Office to activate your UTORid, obtain your TCard, and setup your U of T email. Visit the TCard Services website for more information.
    • Note: your U of T email is the official method of correspondence from the university, and only this one will be used after the start of classes.
  • When you complete your course(s), order a U of T transcript for your home university via ACORN.

Management and Commerce Courses

First-year Management and Accounting are only available to visiting students during the Summer Session and are restricted during the Fall/Winter. Upper-year Management and Commerce (MGT/MGM) courses are not available to visiting students.

Courses with Prerequisites

If you plan to take first year courses with high school prerequisites (e.g. MAT135H5, MAT137Y5, MAT157Y5, MAT102H5, CHM110H5, BIO152H5, PHY136H5), you also need to provide us with an unofficial copy of your high school transcript. These courses require certain high school prerequisites and may have a minimum grade requirement.  Please be sure to review pre-requisites in the Academic Calendar.

If you are planning to take upper-year courses with prerequisites, you should contact the Academic Advisor in the department the course is offered through to confirm you have previously taken courses that are similar enough in content to the UTM prerequisites. Departmental Advisor contact information can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Note: ACORN will allow you to enrol in courses without the proper prerequisites, but they will be checked at a later date, and you can be removed from courses at any time if you lack the required prerequisite.