Return from Absence

If you are returning to your studies after an absence of 12 consecutive months or more, please contact us to re-gain access to course enrolment on ACORN. Submit the Reactivation of Student Record Form before classes begin.


  • your last AND most recent registration was at U of T Mississauga as a degree or non-degree student
  • you have at least one U of T Mississauga course on your transcript (a final grade, or late withdrawal) 
  • you were away from your studies for at least 12 consecutive months
  • you have paid all your outstanding fees and have no financial holds

Important Considerations

  • If you studied elsewhere during your absence from U of T Mississauga, review the procedure for post-admission transfer credit assessment.
  • Students who were previously registered but did not obtain standing in at least one course (i.e., grades or late withdrawals) must re-apply for admission through the Ontario Universities Application Centre.
  • Students previously registered as non-degree visiting students must submit a new visiting student application by the deadline prior to each session.

It is recommended that students planning to return from a voluntary leave and complete the re-registration process, make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss their academic plans, their degree and program requirements, and any changes in Faculty policies or procedures since their last registration.