Deregulated Program Fees

If you are planning to pursue a program that has deregulated fees, tuition is set at a higher rate. If you're unsure whether your program has deregulated fees, check the list of all UTM programs.

Once you accept an invitation to join a program with deregulated fees on ACORN:

  • You will be charged deregulated program fees.
  • In the Fall/Winter session, students in a Commerce Specialist are charged a flat program fee if enrolled in 3.0 credits or more, and a per course fee if enrolled in 2.5 credits or less. 
  • In the Fall/Winter session, students in all other deregulated programs are charged a flat program fee if enrolled in 4.0 credits or more, and a per course fee if enrolled in 3.5 credits or less. 
  • Students in all deregulated programs pay a per-course fee in the Summer session. Students in the Commerce Specialist program should note the policy below.
  • Students with a documented permanent disability who are registered with Accessibility Services may opt to pay the per-course fee instead of the program fee (meet with your Accessibility Advisor for assistance).


Students who accept a deregulated program will be back-charged the appropriate deregulated fees for all courses commencing with the session after 4.0 credits were completed.


Susan completes her first 5.0 credits in the Fall/Winter session. She then completes another 1.0 credit in the Summer session. Susan has requested the Management Major, and is invited. She accepts the Management Major that August, but because she completed her fourth credit in the Fall/Winter session, she is now responsible for paying the deregulated tuition fees for every subsequent session regardless of when she enters the deregulated program.

In this case, because she did not enter the Management Major until after the Summer Session was completed, she will be retroactively charged the higher tuition fee for her summer course.

Students in the Commerce Specialist program

Beginning Summer 2018, students entering a Commerce Specialist program after completing 4.0 credits (including transfer credits) will not be charged deregulated fees for any credits taken during the Summer session following the year in which they were admitted as a year 1 student. 

Students who enter the program after their second year will be back-charged deregulated fees for the session after they complete 4.0 credits.

Deregulated Program Refunds

Fee structures and refund schedules are different for deregulated programs.  Whether you are eligible for a refund depends on the deregulated program you are in, your course load, and when you drop the course(s).

For detailed information, see the UTM Refund Schedules on the Student Accounts website, or consult with the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

Note that students are not refunded the deregulated fees they have already paid if they choose to withdraw from a deregulated program later on.