Withdrawal and Absences

From time to time, there may be circumstances out of your control that require you to pause your studies temporarily. We also have procedures in place to help you return from an absence of 12 months or more.

There are a few options for students, depending on their circumstances:

Voluntary Absence

All students in good academic standing or on academic probation may take a voluntary leave from their studies without formal authorization. No specific documentation or approval is required.

How to take a voluntary leave

To take a voluntary leave from studies, students have the option to:

a) choose not to complete registration in a given academic period (e.g., Fall/Winter session, Fall or Winter Term), or
b) cancel their current registration in a given academic period.

For students who have already completed registration, read below for more information on cancelling registration. If you are an international student considering a voluntary leave from your studies, you must refer to the Leave of Absence Policy for International Students for further information.

While on leave

While on a voluntary leave, students will not pay any tuition, incidental, or ancillary fees; are not considered for scholarships or awards; cannot normally access University services including health services (with the exception of their Registrar’s Office); participate in student internships; or undertake undergraduate research. A student who chooses to take a voluntary leave from their studies is not exempt from academic deadlines, financial responsibilities, current or future policies, and fees schedules. Students who cancel their registration part-way through a term are responsible for any outstanding balance owed to the University. Students on leave may contact their Registrar’s office for advising.