Student Loans

Financial assistance is available to students to help with tuition costs, books, and other expenses. Four common financial aid supports offered through your local government include:

  • OSAP: OSAP is a financial aid program that offers a mix of grants and loans to students.
  • Provincial Loan Programs: Students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons may be eligible for financial assistance from their provincial or territorial governments.
  • Part-time: Students taking less than a 60% course load in a certificate, degree, or diploma program are able to apply to a number of financial aid supports.
  • U.S. Students: U.S citizens or eligible non-U.S citizens as defined by the U.S Department of Education may apply for financial assistance if they are accepted into an eligible program at the University of Toronto.

See below, for more information on eligibility, application process, and deadlines.