ACORN Absence Declaration

Temporary Absences

During the term, students who are temporarily absent from their studies must follow the missed term work policy outlined in their course syllabus to make up academic obligations that were missed (i.e., in-class assessment, quiz, paper or lab report). Students can utilize the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool once per term (see below for more information).

If you are experiencing challenges (personal, academic, financial, or other), please remember that our community is designed to support you through life’s transitions throughout your academic journey. Help is always available to you!

ACORN Absence Declaration Tool

Students who miss an academic obligation during the term (i.e., in-class assessment, quiz, paper or lab report) may use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool to record an absence in one or more courses. Students may utilize this option once per term for a single absence period of up to seven consecutive days. The declaration period must include the day of declaration and may include past and/or future dates, for a total of up to 7 calendar days.

Use of this declaration does not require supporting documentation and should be used in addition to the missed term work policy outlined in their course syllabus. It remains the student’s responsibility to initiate the process of academic consideration for missed academic obligations by following the instructions in the course syllabus and notifying their instructor.  Instructors may exclude one term test/quiz, as per the course syllabus.

Limitations for Absence Declaration

  • Beginning in the Fall 2023 – Winter 2024 academic year, the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool can be used once per academic term (e.g., the Fall term).  Students may use the one-time declaration at their discretion. Students seeking further academic consideration must follow the missed term work policy outlined in their course syllabi and may be asked to provide supporting documentation (e.g., Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form-VOI).
  • Declare an absence for a maximum period of 7 consecutive calendar days. The 7-day declaration period includes the day of declaration and can be retroactive for up to 6 days in the past, or proactive, for up to 6 days. Students should expect to receive reasonable academic consideration from their instructor without the need to present additional supporting documentation.
  • The declaration cannot be used for matters that require a petition (e.g., final exam/final assessment).

Modifying or Cancelling a Declaration

  • Students can modify the absence end date, courses impacted, notes, and email addresses until the end of the submission day. 
  • After an absence declaration is submitted on ACORN, it may not be cancelled. Students who have added a declaration in error must submit a ticket to AskRegistrar by 11:59 p.m. on the day of declaration to request its removal. 

Chronic Health Matters, Disability, and Religious Observances

Students seeking academic consideration due to chronic health matters or a documented disability may use the ACORN Absence Declaration. To ensure that you have access to the accommodations necessary to support your academic success throughout the academic session, students should contact Accessibility Services.

Students seeking consideration for religious observances should be given academic consideration in accordance with the Policy on Scheduling of Classes and Examinations and Other Accommodations for Religious Observations.