Final Grades

Your final grades will be posted on ACORN approximately two weeks after the end of each examination period. It is important that you review your academic history carefully so that you can assess how you are doing, where you may have room for improvement, or work with us to create a new academic plan to help you get closer to graduation.

Your final grades make up your grade point average (GPA), and academic standing with the university. There are three types of GPAs:

  • Sessional GPA is based on all passed and failed courses completed in a single term (i.e., Fall or Winter) or session (Summer). Sessional GPA is calculated three times during the academic year: Fall term (September-December), Winter term (January-April), or Summer session (May-August).
  • Annual GPA is based on all passed and failed courses completed in the Fall-Winter session only (September-April), and is calculated at the end of the Winter term.
  • Cumulative GPA takes into account all passed and failed courses.

U of T Grading Scheme

Students are assigned a grade in each course as follows:




Grade Definitions

90 - 100 A+ 4.0 Excellent

Strong evidence of original thinking; good organization, capacity to analyze and synthesize; superior grasp of subject matter with sound critical evaluations; evidence of extensive knowledge base.
85 - 89 A 4.0
80 - 84 A- 3.7
77 - 79 B+ 3.3 Good

Evidence of grasp of subject matter, some evidence of critical capacity and analytic ability; reasonable understanding of relevant issues; evidence of familiarity with the literature.
73 - 76 B 3.0
70 - 72 B- 2.7
67 - 69 C+ 2.3


Student who is profiting from their university
experience; understanding of the subject matter; ability to develop solutions to simple problems in the material.

63 - 66 C 2.0
60 - 62 C- 1.7
57 - 59 D+ 1.3


Some evidence of familiarity with subject matter and some evidence that critical and analytic skills have been developed.

53 - 56 D 1.0
50 - 52 D- 0.7
0 - 49 F 0.0 Little evidence of even superficial understanding of subject matter; weakness in critical and analytical skills, with limited or irrelevant use of literature.
Credit  CR No Value Used in a Credit/No Credit evaluation