Code of Conduct

Photo of a student writing filling out their exam booklet

Arriving to Your Exam

Bring Photo Identification

  • You must present your TCard. If your TCard is damaged, you need to show a piece of valid government-issued photo ID (for example, a driver's licence or passport). Place it on the corner of your desk.

When to Arrive

  • Arrive at the exam room 15-20 minutes before the exam begins.
  • If you are less than 30 minutes late, you may write your exam. However, extra time will not be given to complete the exam.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late, please report immediately to the Office of the Registrar in the Innovation Complex, Room 1235 for assistance.

Personal Belongings

  • Wherever possible, leave your personal and/or bulky items in your locker.
  • Bags, purses, jackets, books, study notes, etc., are to be left in a designated area in the room assigned by the Chief Presiding Officer (CPO), and cannot be taken to your exam desk. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items left in the exam room.
  • Only water bottles are permitted on your exam desk. Food and other beverages are not permitted, except for religious observances. (Students who are celebrating Ramadan and writing a final exam in the evening are exempt if they wish to break their fast.)

Exam Room Policies

Use the clear, re-sealable plastic exam bags

  • You will receive a clear, re-sealable plastic bag for your personal and electronic items (wallets, cell phones, and other smart devices such as watches, tablets, laptops, calculators, etc). This bag keeps your personal items and electronics safe and secure in the exam room.
  • Keep this bag under your desk until the exam is over. You may not touch or open the bag during the exam.

Unauthorized aids and/or electronic devices

  • Having any electronic and smart devices on your person or your desk may be an academic offence, which may result in failing the course.
  • Be considerate to your classmates, and turn off your electronic devices before the exam begins to avoid unnecessary disruptions or distractions.
  • Only materials that have been authorized by the CPO may be used or brought to your exam desk. 
  • Students who bring any unauthorized materials or electronic devices to the exam in order to assist or obtain assistance from an unauthorized source or another student are liable to penalties or sanctions under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. Sanctions may include failing the course, suspension, or expulsion.
  • Communicating with another student, in any manner, is not permitted.

During the Exam

  • Students may not leave the exam room unescorted for any reason during the exam. This includes washroom breaks.
  • CPO has the authority to assign seats to students.
  • Label everything with your student number and other required information as needed. Complete the front cover of each exam book, scantron, and/or question paper.
  • To minimize disruption, students must remain seated at their desk for the first 30 minutes of the exam, and the final 10 minutes of the exam.

In case of an emergency

  1. Follow the instructions of the Chief Presiding Officer (CPO) in your exam room;

  2. Grab your plastic bag containing your personal items quickly and safely.Storing your wallet, cell phone, and electronic devices in the plastic bag under your desk helps everyone evacuate efficiently.

Unexpected Illnesses and Incomplete Exams

  • Once you have begun the exam, you may not re-write it.
  • You will be marked based on what you have completed.
  • If you are unable to complete your exam (due to health, disability, or personal concern), turn the exam paper over, and notify the CPO immediately. When you leave, seek the appropriate assistance immediately. The Office of the Registrar will contact you via email with instructions and next steps.

End of the Exam

  • Stop writing when the exam is over. If the CPO observes that you are still writing after the exam is over, they may seize your papers and it will be reported to the Office of the Dean. A penalty may be imposed. 
  • Make sure you have labelled all exam materials with your student number and legal name. If you have multiple exam booklets, insert all of your exam materials into the exam booklet #1.
  • During the final 10 minutes of the exam, remain in your seat until all of the exams have been collected.
  • Students must leave all of the exam materials in the exam room. Only the CPO may remove exam materials from the exam room.

Please see the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters for more information.