Tuition Fees

Students walking in hall

Your tuition fees are available on ACORN after you enrol in at least one course. Your outstanding balance will appear on your dashboard after you login, but you can view a detailed breakdown of your fees by clicking the View Invoice button.

For a detailed tour of your invoice, review the Guide to Reading Your Invoice.

Your tuition fees are determined by:

  • the number of credits you take
  • the type of program you are enrolled in
  • your status as a domestic or international student. Some international students may be eligible to pay domestic fees, and must apply for an international fee exemption status in order to see an update to their invoice.

All students will also see compulsory ancillary and incidental fees on their invoice. These rates may vary based on your full-time or part-time status. For more information, including a detailed explanation of your fees, please visit the Student Accounts website.

By enrolling into a course/program, you assume responsibility for paying your fees in full, whether or not you attend classes. It is important to drop a course that you no longer wish to take by the appropriate deadline to remove it from your transcript and/or invoice.

Deregulated Program Fees

For certain programs, the fees are calculated at a deregulated rate which means that they have higher fees and are assessed at a different fee structure. Students in deregulated programs also have a different refund structure.

For a list of UTM programs that are deregulated, please refer to the List of UTM Programs or learn more about deregulated fees. It is important to be aware of the fee structure before you accept an invitation to join a deregulated program.

Additional fees and resources: