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Taking Courses at Other U of T Campuses

If you are a degree student, you may enrol in elective courses offered at another U of T campus. Before enrolling in a course that you wish to use for your program requirements, please consult with your departmental advisor first. They can help you assess whether the course will satisfy your program requirements before you enrol in it. 

As you plan your courses, we recommend that you carefully note any enrolment controls, as spaces may be limited. Please note that you should: 

  • Ensure that the courses you enrol in do not duplicate, and are not exclusions for, courses you have successfully completed.
  • Check with your department advisor regarding the acceptability of courses for program requirements.
  • Check with the Office of the Registrar regarding acceptability of courses for degree requirements.
  • Follow U of T Mississauga financial and academic dates, with the exception of Late Withdrawal After the Drop Date (LWD), and Credit/No Credit.


Letters of Permission

U of T Mississauga students wishing to enrol at another Canadian university and transfer those credits towards a University of Toronto degree must apply for, and be granted, a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Office of the Registrar before enrolling at the other university.

If you did not receive an LOP before you take these courses, you should apply for a post-admission transfer credit assessment upon completion. However, there is no guarantee what, if any, transfer credit you will receive.

Application Deadlines

Term or Session You Wish to StudyDeadline
Fall (September - December)July 1
Winter (January - April)November 1
Summer (May - August)April 1

Apply for an LOP

Post-Admission Transfer Credits

Students who take courses at another institution without a Letter of Permission (for Canadian Universities) or a formal International Exchange (for institutions outside Canada) may still be eligible for transfer credits. However, the transfer credit assessment will only take place upon completion of the course(s). There is no guarantee that coursework completed at another institution will transfer to your U of T Mississauga degree program.

Submit the Post-Admission Transfer Credit Application Form