Emergency Contact Information

UTM Building

Take 2 minutes to enter the name and contact information of someone you trust to be your emergency contact on ACORN. Here are some things to consider:

  • Add at least one person who can quickly arrive at your location, if needed. You can add more than one emergency contact.
  • If you're unsure of who to add, think of someone that you trust, is reliable, and if possible, would be able to connect with your networks (other family members, friends), if needed.
  • Let your emergency contact(s) know that you have selected them, and that you have provided their information to the University of Toronto

Add Your Emergency Contact

Click to enlarge the images below.

Step 1: Under Profile & Settings, click on the emergency contact link


Step 1: Click emergency contact


Step 2: Click "Add New" to enter your emergency contact. Next of Kin is not mandatory.


Step 2 - Click "Add New"


Step 3: Specify where your contact is located and click "continue".


Step 3 - Read the options and select the choice that is most appropriate. Let us know where your emergency contact is located.


Step 4: Enter valid, and up-to-date contact information. Be sure to review it before saving. 


Enter valid and up-to-date information before saving your entry.


Keep the Information Up-to-Date

Life happens. Our contact information changes or relationships change. At any time, you can update your emergency contact's information, delete a contact, or add additional people.


Add more than one emergency contact by clicking "add new"