Academic Progress

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to be eligible for continued financial assistance from OSAP, students are required to remain in 60% of a full course load, (40% for students with a permanent disability) as shown the Fall/Winter and Summer OSAP charts below.

Additionally, students must also earn a minimum number of credits. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress in two periods of study will result in ineligibility for OSAP assistance. Students are advised to speak with a financial aid advisor when considering dropping a course.

OSAP Probation 

In the Fall/Winter session, OSAP requires you to pass at least 3.0 credits over both terms, or 1.5 credits if you're studying in one session only. Students with permanent disabilities must pass 1.0 credit per term.

If you are on OSAP academic probation, it means that you dropped too many courses and/or did not obtain sufficient credits, while in receipt of OSAP assistance. While you may still receive OSAP funding during your probationary period, OSAP will closely monitor your academic progress for the next academic year. 

The OSAP Academic Probation restriction will be removed from your OSAP file when you pass the minimum number of credits to satisfy the condition of your loan. If you do not meet OSAP’s minimum requirements, then you will be restricted from receiving further funding for a minimum of 12 months.


Fall-Winter OSAP Course Load Requirements

Study PeriodGeneral Requirements Requirements for students with documented permanent disabilities 
 Minimum Credit(s) to receive OSAP (60% of a full course load)Must PassMinimum Credit(s) to receive OSAP (40% of a full course load)Must Pass
September to April3.0 (1.5 credits per term)3.02.0 (1.0 credit per term)2.0
September to December1.
January to April1.51.51.01.

Summer OSAP

Students must register for a 60% course load (1.5 credits) for the summer term (May to August) to be eligible to apply for OSAP. Students with permanent disabilities qualify to apply by taking a 40% course load (1 credit for the full term).

Apply by the end of March to ensure that funding is available when summer classes begin. Students who received OSAP funding in the preceding Winter term may apply for Summer OSAP using the U of T Summer OSAP Extension Form. Students who did not receive OSAP funding in the preceding Winter term should apply for Summer OSAP on the OSAP website.

OSAP Undergraduate Summer Course Load Requirements

Study PeriodGeneral
 Requirements for students with documented permanent disabilities 
 Minimum Credit(s) to receive OSAPMust PassMinimum Credit(s) to receive OSAPMust Pass
May to August1.
May to June only*
July to August only*
3–Week Course*

*Must have received OSAP funds at the University of Toronto for the preceding Winter Session to be considered.

Learn more about how to maintain eligibility for OSAP.