TCard Services

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Documentation Requirements

Use the documentation tool to determine the identity and legal status documentation you’ll need to get your UTORid and/or TCard. The documentation required will depend on who you are, and whether this is your first UTORid and TCard. 

Your documentation must be unexpired and original (digital or photocopies are not accepted).

The name displayed on your identity/legal status documentation must exactly match the official name in the University’s record systems (e.g. ACORN).

You may want to check your name and legal status in ACORN for accuracy before submitting your photo and documentation.

If it’s not accurate, or you need to change the first or last name listed in the University’s system (ACORN/HRIS), contact the UTM Office of the Registrar before completing the UTORid & TCard process.

Getting Your UTORid

  1. Please login here to begin the process: Login Here
    • Photos and documents files must be in JPEGPNG or GIF.
    • Portrait photos includes shoulders and space above the head, with face looking at the camera. It’s OK to smile!
    • Portraits must be in colour and not include other objects (hats, sunglasses, etc.) or other people.
    • No facial enhancements or changes to facial structure, and no pictures of pictures.
    • Portrait photo must match the photo in your identity/legal status documentation.
    • If you wear a face covering, you will need to remove it for the photo. Individuals who wear a head/face covering for religious beliefs who prefer to be seen by a female staff member can email us at to make this request.
  2. Check your email for approval of your submission. This will be set to your email listed in ACORN.
  3. Soon after receiving your photo approval email, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your UTORid, using your Secret Activation Key (SAK):

    • Newly admitted students receive their SAK via email after their photo & documentation has been approved.

    • The SAK email will be sent to the email address listed in ACORN, unless you provided an alternate email during the submission process.

    • The email will come from a U of T email address: The subject line will be “Activate Your U of T UTORid“.

    • If your JOINid has stopped working AND you haven’t received your SAK email, check your junk and spam folder.

    • The email contains a SAK and a link to activate your UTORid.

    • Note: Once you receive your SAK email, your JOINid and its associated password will no longer work.

  4. Use your SAK to activate your UTORid:

  5. Go to
  6. Enter your JOINid + SAK.
  7. Set up your UTmail+ account.
  8. Set up your UTORid password and account management options.


Getting a TCard at UTM

  1. Activate your UTORid following the steps above. 
  2. If you are living at a UTM Residence, your TCard will be avaliable for pickup at the Residence Desk. You will not be able to get your TCard from booking an appiontment below. 
  3. Once your UTORid has been activated, students can schedule an in person appointment with a TCard staff to verify your documents and hand over the TCard. To book an appointment, login to the CLNx using the UTORid and password that was setup.
    1. Once you are logged in, look at the left hand menu, click on "Appointments" and then below that, "TCard" and then below that, "TCARD IN PERSON PICK-UP".
    2. You will then be able to select a day and time for your appointment.
    3. Show your valid physical/hard copy government-issued photo identification/documentation. Physical/hard copy is required to pick up TCard. No photocopies or pictures will be accepted. 
    4. Make sure to note the pick up location and ensure you head to the correct desk.

Why We Verify Your Identity and Legal Status

To obtain a UTORid & TCard, your identity must be verified to:

  • support safety, security and identity management at the University
  • ensure your record in our official systems is accurate

To begin studies at the University of Toronto, your legal status (e.g. Canadian, permanent resident, international) must be verified to:

  • meet the reporting requirements of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Immigration Canada
  • ensure you’re paying the correct tuition fees



Get Started

School of Continuing Studies Students

A TCard is available for $20 to any student who is taking a course with the School of Continuing Studies. In order to arrange to have a TCard authorization letter prepared for you, please visit TCard Permission Letter Request page.

If You Are a Visitor

Visitors, if you have not been given either a personnel number or a UTORid and have not been entered through the University of Toronto’s Human Resources Information System but are required to have access to U of T services, including Library services, you will need to provide a letter from a University of Toronto sponsor. In the letter, university sponsor will be asked to state the purpose of the sponsored guest account, the name and date of birth of the visitor, start and end date of the employment/visit along with the sponsor's contact information. The letter needs to be signed and dated by the sponsoring faculty or staff member and printed on letterhead. Acceptable university-sponsored visitors include: conference and workshop attendees, guest lecturers, business partners, vendors, translators, visiting scholars, post-doctoral fellows etc.

To request a temporary guest account, a sponsoring faculty or staff member can either visit the UTM Service Desk or submit a ticket by visiting the I&ITS Service Portal with the letter attached to the ticket.

The guest account information will be released to the sponsors who will be responsible for the accounts while they are active. The IITS Service Desk will securely provide the guest account information to the visitor(s) once they arrive on campus.

Visit Long Term and Short Term UTORid’s for more information.

Using Your TCard

Lost, Damaged or Stolen TCard?

As an UTM student, you are responsible for any charges against your meal plan account until proper notification of the card loss is received.

  • To suspend your TCard, visit the Manage your Account page.
  • Log in with your UTORid and password and click the gear icon at the top right.
  • Select the 'suspend card' tab and confirm to complete the card suspension process.

If you find your TCard, visit the Hospitality & Retail Services website to reactivate your card.

You have the option of replacing a lost, damaged or stolen TCard. For more information, select Lost/Replacement TCard from the TCard Office home page.