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Making the Grade: Success Strategies to Achieving Your CGPA Goals

Striving to achieve the best grades possible? Explore these resources to learn strategies that will help you maximize your potential:

  • Learn about strategies to protect your CGPA from the negative effects of low/failing marks
  • Create smart study plans

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Getting Support at UTM

Feeling stuck? Now sure where to look for answers? Worried about exams? Review this slide deck for timely reminders and handy links to locate resources available to you at UTM to improve your study skills, troubleshoot, or get help 

Preparing to Graduate: Successful Strategies for Upper-Year Students

Almost ready to graduate? Review this resource to feel more confident about planning your final term(s) at UTM: 

  • Understand how to confirm your degree and program completion

  • Determine your next steps for graduation

  • Identify possible options for after program completion (job search or further education)

Preparing to Graduate Presentation (PDF)

Choosing Your Program

Arts and Science Programs
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Commerce and Management
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Computer Science
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Refused from your program? Next Steps and Future Options

Don't meet the entry requirements for your program of choice? Think you will receive a refusal from your program? What's next? This workshop helps you plan your next steps and develop strategies to help you reach your academic and career goals.

Preparing to Graduate in the Age of COVID-19

Planning to graduate and wonder what comes next?  Review this resource to learn how: 

  • to request graduation
  • to check if you fulfilled your degree/program requirements
  • the Career Centre can help with next steps during these uncertain times

Preparing to Graduate in the Age of COVID-19 Presentation (PDF) 

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