Past Sessions

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Banner text says: "Program Selection Workshop: Co-presented with the Career Centre" featuring a collage of three business and commerce students

Program Selection Workshop (1 hour, 14 min.)

Learn how to choose your program(s), the difference between Type 1, 2 and 3 programs, when to request your programs, and tips on how to make the most out of your CGPA. We also explore the connection between your program and career interests. (Co-presented with the Career Centre.)

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Event banner reads "Considering Alternative Programs" with a backdrop containing a photo of a student

Considering Alternative Programs (1 hour, 16 min.)

Have you changed your mind about your programs of study? Think you do not meet the requirements for your original choice? This webinar will help you plan your next steps and develop strategies to help you reach your academic and career goals.

Banner text reads: "Making the Grade" with a background photo of students in a classroom

Making the Grade: Success Strategies to Achieving Your CGPA Goals (55 min.)

Learn "life hacks" for creating smart study plans, managing your time effectively, leveraging UTM resources to improve your study skills, and protecting your CGPA. (Co-presented with the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre.)

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Event banner reads "Preparing to Graduate" with a backdrop of a photo depicting a student at convocation

Preparing to Graduate (44 min.)

Almost ready to graduate? Learn how to confirm your degree and program completion, determine your next steps for graduation, and identify possible options for the time after you graduate (e.g. job search or further education). (Co-presented with the Career Centre.)

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Video Modules

Explore a specific topic with these shorter-form videos, ranging from 2-13 minutes each.

Text reads: Program Selection: Discover all that UTM has to offer. The banner has three images to represent arts and science programs.

Program Planning

Explore UTM's program options and learn about the process of selecting your program of study (or POSt), typically done after first year.

Event banner reads "Course Enrolment 101" with image of a student lying on the grass with their laptop

Course Enrolment

Preparing to select your UTM courses for the first time? Check out our full YouTube playlist on course planning, or pick a key topic below:

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