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Academic Experiences

Co-Curricular Experiences



General FAQ

The UTM Abroad Academic Experiences: Adventure to a location to enhance your learning through first hand experiences and connecting it back to the classroom. These travel experiences that are associated with a UTM course, therefore content from these trips are related to course material.

The UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experiences:  Traveling outbound to expand your global awareness. These experiences allow you to strengthen personal development through local engagement. Take from these experiences, and incorporate your global learning into daily life.

If you need any travel documents, you would need to apply personally. We are available to work with you to help identify what travel documents you might need depending on your country of citizenship and country of travel. We will be able to support you with any letters you require to apply for those documents.

Travelers Insurance that covers stolen/lost luggage and belongings is optional. [LN1] Travelers Health Insurance is NOT optional. You are responsible for obtaining travel health insurance before your trip. If you have not opted out of UTMSU's Health Care and Dental Plan, you can visit the Info Booth in the student centre to learn about your travel health insurance options through them and determine if it suits your needs. 

You can contact us at or drop by the IEC (DV2071) Monday to Friday 1 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to chat with us. If you are participating in an experience, you will receive trip specific contact information in your pre-departure sessions and information packages. 

Application periods vary from program to program, so look at the Apply Now! page for application deadlines for the experience you are interested in. However, generally applications for the UTM Abroad Academic Experiences take place in January for participation the following academic year.[LN2] 

I have a dietary restriction and/or allergy. What do I do?

In your application, select yes when asked about your dietary restriction or allergy, and explain the details in the box provided. We can accommodate to  a variety of dietary restrictions and allergies. Your application assessment will not be impacted by disclosing your dietary restriction/allergy will be used to initiate a plan to support your participation in the international experience.

I have a  medical condition and/or disability need that may impact my ability to participate fully in the activities related to the international experience. What do I do?

In your application, select yes when asked about your medical conditions and/or disability needs. If you are selected to participate in the experience, we will follow-up with a Health Clearance Form (to be completed with the relevant on-campus service) that will help us initiate a plan to support your participation in the international experience. Your application assessment will not be impacted. .

Please note: a staff member will travel with each group to support your health and well-being as well as trip logistics. At any point in the process (pre, during and post trip) you are welcome to approach your staff member to ask for support.

I'm a PSEP student. How do I alert UTM Abroad?

Send an email to and let us know what program you're applying for so that we can add an annotation to your application.

Fees FAQ

Flights, transportation, accommodation, meals and in-country activities associated with the experience. For most experiences on the ground support from a UTM staff member and/or program leaders from our partner organizations are also included in this fee.

Course fees, fees associated with travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, additional optional tours/activities while abroad, visa applications, medical exams, vaccinations, and any other additional costs.


YES! We are striving to make these programs as accessible as possible, so we have multiple funding options. Check out the available bursaries here.

You will be notified about the funding you will receive prior to the second instalment due date for your experience. You can review the payment timelines for 2019-2020 Academic Experiences here.

Academic Exp.

If the course it conflicts with is a program requirement, then you can withdraw from the UTM Abroad Academic Experience and will receive the first installment back. If the course it conflicts with is not a program requirement, and you choose to take it, you will have to withdraw from the UTM Abroad program at your own expense. You can learn more about refunds here.

Co-curricular Experiences

The CCR acts a secondary resume that shows what programs/events a UTM student has completed and the skills they were able to attain from their participation in various UTM activities.

Students who complete the UTM Abroad GIP Program will achieve three CCR recognitions.