Step Three: Apply For Exchange



Tips for Completing your Application:

CIE Student Portal

Terms- Use the academic calendar from the university you are applying to in order to determine these dates.

Course List-This list is only meant to give an idea of the types of courses you would like to take. Think of it as a 'wish list'. You will be given an opportunity to formally choose your actual courses once you are nominated.

Supporting Documents

Resume- UTM Career Centre can help, book an appointment to go over your resume. Also see their online resume tips & example resumes

Interim Grade Report- Are you a first-year students who has grades for less than 4.0 credits and are enrolled in Y-credit courses? Are you a student factoring in-progress Y-courses into their CGPA to meet requirements? If so, you need to complete an Interim Grade Report. Bring the completed and signed copy to the IEC before the application deadline.   

                                                                Apply Now !


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