Step Three: Apply For Exchange



Tips for Completing your Application

Terms- Use the academic calendar from the university you are applying to in order to determine these dates.

Course List-This list is only meant to give an idea of the types of courses you would like to take. Think of it as a 'wish list'. You will be given an opportunity to formally choose your actual courses once you are nominated.

Supporting Documents

Resume - The UTM Career Centre can help, please check out their resume tips & example resumes. If you have never written a Canadian style resume before, don't worry! A good place to start is by following this example. Once you've done the best you can alone, please book an appointment for an online resume critique, where a member of the Career Centre will go over your resume with you to help make it the best it can be.

Interim Grade Report- Are you a first-year students who has grades for less than 4.0 credits and are enrolled in Y-credit courses? Are you a student factoring in-progress Y-courses into their CGPA to meet requirements? If so, you need to complete an Interim Grade Report. Bring the completed and signed copy to the IEC before the application deadline.